Rahul Raj vs Goonda Raj; Cops Celebrate Killing

Rahul Raj is dead ! Long Live Goonda Raj ! Rahul Raj sustained one bullet injury in the back and three in his head !! All this while, the Goonda Raj (Thackeray) was being protected by a three-tier security cover, full-proof !! Phew !!!

Listen. It’s not the end of the story. Remember Saddam Hussein’s executioners celebrating his hanging, right at the spot !!! THE SAME WAY, THE TRIGGER-HAPPY MUMBAI COPS CELEBRATED OUR RAHUL’S KILLING, AT THE SPOT.

Saddam’s executioners were at least hooded. But, these men in uniform danced openly and most shamelessly, and Oh ! ! ! … ! ! ! they cheered, patted and congratulated each other. They even jumped like monkeys, after shooting down the boy.

It only demonstrates the extent to which the Mumbai police has become the instrument of the GOONDA RAJ.

[We did hear top cops declaring the killing as “courageous”, as if Rahul was a terrorist or a criminal. And Maharashtra Deputy CM responded: “A bullet for a bullet.”] 

I am agitated over this. Deeply agitated … O My God, Why Were The Police Dancing At The Scene !!! WHY IS THE MEDIA NOT SHOWING THAT VIDEO ? I demand.

But for the brave Mumbai Police. Isn’t it ? If they want to shoot, they shoot; they don’t talk. Hain Na ? And they shot young Rahul; they didn’t talk. They meant business. Their business, obviously, was killing. They killed our lad, mercilessly.

Uh !!!

Our Rahul is no more. Oh My God !!! He is dead, shot dead like a dog on a Mumbai street. May be he couldn’t even cry; may be he didn’t get a sec to cry. Even if he’d tried to, his voice had been choked by the sudden burst of fire, opened on him by the police party.

It were police personnel wearing bullet proof jackets, targetting the lone Bihari voice in the Big Maharashtra State. Rahul was totally alone in Metro Mumbai. No one knew him at the busy Mumbai street. Oh the ill-fated BEST Mumbai Bus !!!

But is the ACP who led the police operation against Rahul, a saint ?  Noooooooooo. Did we forget that Md. Javed is the same police officer who was arrested by cops probing the multi-crore Telgi stamp paper scam in 2004 for dereliction of duty (amounting to connivance) ? This time he did his duty. Isn’t it ?

Now, the indistinguishable Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna has labeled Rahul a ‘mafia’, saying he was killed in his own ‘Bihari Ishtyle’ ! Many would argue if Rahul’s actions were justified !! Many would also argue whether Mumbai Police were right or wrong !!! I am not concerned with these …

Right now, I am shocked. I am shocked at the loss of a life. I am shocked this Diwali over Rahul’s death.

Well, Rahul. I will remember you as the first person to lay down his life in the name of Bihar, our state. Rahul, you are our first martyr. 

I call you Mrityunjay Rahul Raj.

♣ ♣ ♣

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  1. JAIBIHAR.COM – October 29, 2009

    Rahul Raj remembered

    It’s exactly a year past the day Patna boy Rahul Raj Singh, 23, was murdered in a fake encounter by Bombay police, which otherwise fails and look for corners when attacked by real terrorists.

    Yesterday, on his first death anniversary, as his family and friends in Patna paid tribute to him, his father reaffirmed his pledge to see the case to the end.

    Kundan Prasad Singh echoed past allegations and said, “Rahul was shot at point-blank range. The Bombay police inquiry report contradicts the JJ Hospital postmortem report.”

    “The contradiction reveals the falsity of their claims. They murdered my son. I want an autonomous body to investigate the matter,” he said.

    Singh also alleged that the police and Maharashtra government had not filed an affidavit in response to a Patna High Court (HC) notice. He will soon move an application in the HC on the issue.

    Bombay’s Jt CP (Crime) Rakesh Maria, said, “We’ve sent our inquiry report to the Patna HC. There is nothing more in the inquiry of this case.” He clarified that there was no contradiction in the police and postmortem reports.

    Rahul Raj, who came from Bihar, was gunned down in Bombay on October 27, 2008. He was carrying a revolver and said that he had come to kill Raj Thackeray. One of the commuters in the “hijacked bus” said that the 23-year-old brave Rahul, went on screaming subsequently that he had nothing against the passengers and only wanted to ‘take on’ Raj Thackeray.

    Unlike Marathi goons who do not dare to say “Jai Maharashtra” out of their state, this youth from Bihar had the courage to shout Jai Bihar, Jai Patna in Bombay in front of the police and in front of others.


  2. I wish to inform that at the cremation of great
    martyr soul Rahul Raj, I observed major lot of common people condemning Raj Thackeray’s cowradice acts.

    Raj Thakre himself has a son who is outside Maharashtra somewhere in Germany. What will happen to Raj Thakre if the same act is done with his
    son and his dead body comes to Mumbai.

    Our Rahul Raj is not dead. He will remain alive forever.


  3. I appreciate ur feelings n concern on Rahul Raj issue and about Raj Thackeray’s demonic behaviour.
    But the country has become like that. The politicians and the underworld are synonymous. Just think …….. why all Bongs… Biharis…… or Bhaiyyas rush to Mumbai or Pune? For a decent job n livelihood…. isnt it? And it is our Lalu or the Left Front Govt or Mamata Banerjee ….etc who are responsible for the states to be in the state they are in….


  4. Neeraj,

    I appreciate your response.

    Honestly, there is no comparison between Bhagat Singh and the guy who held innocent people hostage. Bhagat Singh never held innocent people hostage. He shot dead an agent of the British in a freedom struggle. And I hope you are not advocating a freedom struggle for Bihar.

    Here is the bottom line. LAW and ORDER. THAT and only THAT is the real issue here. There is absolutely no other issue.

    Here is why: If people breaking the law are taken to task and I am not saying lock them up and beat them to a pulp, instead, prosecute them fairly and make them serve sentences for their crimes. I say this country and all people in this country, Marathis, Biharis et all will be able to flourish and live peacefully.

    Having said that.. if you think objectively and not emotionally like most of the comments above, you will realize a few things:

    1. People (MNS activists) who beat up people (Biharis) at an examination centre should have been arrested and sentenced.

    2. If the Biharis broke the law by claiming Mumbai as their city of residence only to appear for the Exam and if that is against the law, they should have been arrested and sentenced per a fair trial.

    3. A Gun wielding man who climbs a bus and is an imminent and deadly threat to passengers he is holding hostage should have been neutralized. In a charged atmosphere like that, I would say if you take a neutral opinion.. anyone would say that this guy who put others at risk paid a price that he deserved to.

    4. Policemen who danced around and acted unprofessionally should be reprimanded if they have violated the code of conduct.

    What this does is makes people think before they break the law. Hey.. is it really worth it ? Then people like Raj Thackeray really become insignificant (how.. i leave that to your imagination…).

    With that said, I respect the freedom of expression of people and that includes Raj T. It is the only reason you are allowed to express your opinions and so am I.

    But If what Raj T says is against the law (like inciting violence etc), then he should be arrested and convicted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    People like Rahul Raj find other ways of protesting and definitely think hard before they endanger others lives knowing very well that it could cost their own.

    States like Bihar prosper since with Law and Order under control, Companies start investing who previously were ignoring failed states.

    There is less migration and hence less tension among people.

    People of india sadly are’nt of the intellectual level (at least most of them) to be able to think with their minds rather than their hearts. I have seen very little objectivity even in commentary written by journalists forget commoners. That is just a testament to our intellectual levels.


  5. Don’t you think, we should feel pity about Goonda Raj Thackeray.

    Now he doesn’t fall within the category of ‘human’; he is ‘inhuman’. And he should also be given the same medicine: ‘A bullet for a bullet’. That’s the treatment he must get.

    Today, bomb blasts have occured in different parts of India and the Govt. is reinforcing military to take control of the situation and to stop the terrorist activities. But why the Govt. is silent on this issue!


  6. As a Bihari I thank you for raising the issues
    concerning we Biharis and hope this will go a long way
    in arousing our sleeping fellow Biharis and thus
    helping in restoring Bihar’s glory.


  7. With full respect to your views and without having any intention to try to change your opinion, may I thus conclude that Bhagat Singh was a fool that he threw a bomb in parliament to vent his ire.

    Bhagat Singh was a fool. He should not have taken it for granted that he was throwing the bomb also on behalf of the ‘Marathi Manoos’.

    See, Rahul Raj had a justifiable cause. He was not a criminal. He was not a terrorist. He was just representing the Biharis in Mumbai. He was just venting his ire, airing the rightful grievance against Raj Thackeray and his MNS as also the system.

    Rahul Raj’s killing is absolutely illegal, unjustified and a criminal act. Its a clear murder, in broad day-light (with closed mind).

    Just wait, I assure you that the cops who killed Rahul Raj will be arrested. A full-fledged inquiry will nail the real culprits.

    And if you have your way…Goonda Raj (Thackeray) will continue to thrive, as Haji Mastans, Arun Gawlis and Dawood Ibrahims have ruled the streets of Mumbai. Why don’t you kill them? Can you? You can, but you don’t want. You cannot kill even a mosquito breeding in the vicinity of these ‘Great Marathi Manoos’.

    That is why I said in the beginning —- Rahul Raj is dead. Long Live Goonda Raj.

    Please excuse me if I hurt you. Thanks for writing and taking pains to jot down your opinion. After all, it is the opinion that matters.

    Thanks again.

    Neeraj Bhushan.


  8. Neeraj,

    This statement of yours defines you:

    “Well, Rahul. I will remember you as the first person to lay down his life in the name of Bihar, our state. Rahul, you are our first martyr. I call you Mrityunjay Rahul Raj.”

    One suggestion, why dont you also climb onto that double decker bus and do what your idol Rahul Raj did.

    Now i understand the reasons behind the backwardness of your brethren.

    To sympathize with a Gun toting man who has an absolute disregard for the law and who terrorizes passengers on a bus is in my opinion despicable and one that calls such a person a martyr is a person who is in need of serious help.

    I understand the general lack of regard for the law in Bihar but those same standards dont apply in other parts of the country.


  9. The basic issue is socio-economic. Caused by mass-scale and uncontrolled migration of unskilled / skilled labor from one place to another. Migrants will always take jobs from locals simply because they will work for less, live in temporary or shared shanties and work 24 hours. Their costs in their hometowns are much lower than in urban cities. This is exactly what needs to be addressed. Average Maharashtrian cannot afford to work for less because he stays with his family and sends kids to school and pays for higher costs in Maharahstra. It is simply not true that the North Indian workers are getting jobs because they are better, what is true is they are willing to work for much less and much longer because essentially things are much worse where they come from.

    Maharahstra has been highly industrialised for decades because the locals have always been disciplined, skilled and highly dedicated workers. To ignore this fact and say they are not good enough and cannot compete is insulting to Maharashtrians.

    Some pople are quick to compare the situation with migrants in the USA, convenienty forgetting that any visa-based migration is basically a controlled one and aimed at filling the vacancies. What is happening in Maharashtra is simply unacceptable to Maharashtrians.

    To simply view the violent situation from a law and order or communal point of view is ridiculous. These are just the symptoms.

    People in Maharahstra are not communal. If they were so, then Shiv Sena would have ruled for more than 5 years out of 60 years post-independence. But the anger and frustration in Maharahstra is rising as they are being equated en-masse with MNS and labelled as, good-for-nothing, fascists and making un-fair demands. Their contributions to Mumbai is being rubbished with typical Indian arrogance. Gun-totting mad men are being hailed as martyrs. Leaders in the North are ganging up and talking of punishing Maharahstra. The national media has resorted to a completely one-sided reporting dictated by commercial compulsions. The entire country in general is up against Maharashtra.

    Quite frankly the Maharashtrian people are feeling alienated from the rest of India like never before. Many are beginning to question the wisdom of remaining a part of India. The concept of one country works as long as people feel they have a common future and benefit from it. If these issues are not addressed sensitively and if interestes of Maharashtrian people are ignored at the cost of others, there is likelyhood that you will see a situation like in Kashmir, Khalistan and North East.






  11. One thing is clear from this – that Raj Thackeray has tarnished the image of Maharastra, especially Bombay.

    If you see the educational institutes there, they get maximum students from NORTH INDIA.

    Maharashtrians should learn hard work from them. It is high time to develop the concept of ‘Bombay’ than ‘Mumbai’.


  12. I am just a common-man making my living in another state than my home state. I have sympathy for Rahul Raj’s family. But, few things are intriguing me.

    1. Why Rahul had to hijack a bus if he had some nasty business with Raj Thackeray!
    2. If he is from common family, how did he get hold of a gun!
    3. If he did not kill even a bird, how come he fired bullets indiscriminantly! One of which wounded a bus passenger!
    4. How on earth his act is supported by politicians! Does that mean politicians in Bihar support violence and violent acts!
    5. What is more shocking is reading the comments on common web sites like Sify. He had been already tagged a “martyr”. How is this possible in an educated world?
    6. Why Raj Thackeray is keeping mum on this? Why our proactive media channels are not qustioning Raj Thakeray on this?
    7. Media is giving the issue so much coverage that instead of buildng minds across states, it is creating rift between them. Are we on the brink of a civil war?

    Media had given similar coverage, of course unnecssary, in Aarushi murder case.


  13. It is the time to think. Let us do something. We all should come together to fight for our rights in this country.

    Plz lets do something.


  14. So strangling a bus conductor, shooting an innocent passenger (who happened to be a North Indian as well), holding 15 passengers hostage, and brandishing a gun around and not surrendering when the police ask you to do so over loudspeakers, counts as ‘innocent’ to you? Fantastic! How Bihari minds have been warped by the crime and law-and-order situation in Bihar!

    If this terrorist had not been Bihari but of any other religion or region, would you have the same reaction? I doubt it. The Mumbai police, led by Md. Javed, would have been condemned as inept in handling security, had any untoward incident happened, or if passengers had been killed or injured seriously.

    The people of Mumbai, Marathi or non-Marathi, are lauding the police force for being competent to prevent any killing by the terrorist Rahul Raj Singh from Bihar.

    Bihari politicians are making political capital out of this incident. They are the real criminals of Biharis. By not working for any development of Bihar, they have forced poor Biharis to flood the rest of the country for livelihood.


  15. I saw your article on Rahul Raj case. It is good one. The ACP who short Rahul – well, he might have engaged him in negotiation and overpowered him.

    The incident isa result of self-centric and mean politics of certain sections of the society. I blame the current politics and the media for potraying Raj Thackaray in the limelight.

    Who is to be blamed for the death of the youth and who is to be blamed over the death of another from UP who was supposed to leave to his state to celebrate Diwali?

    I appeal to people not to support a person like Raj Thackeray who has notthing to do with the Indian people.

    ACP Javed who was already taken into custody in the case of Abdul Raheem Telgi – We must discard the officer and all his associates must be given a punisment posting or demotion so that in future people like him will not resort to such heinous tactics.


  16. Mumbai policemen killed the ‘fake Raj’. Instead, they should have killed the ‘real Raj’ – Raj, the goonda.

    The latest incident is a blot on our fabric. Neeraj, whole Bihar is shocked over the shooting down of this youngster. He was no threat, nor was he any criminal, much less a terrorist. I am deeply hurt too.

    I am also hurt because our Bihari people are creating ruckus back home, damaging state property. Instead, there should be a powerful movement to combat the ‘Goonda Raj’ threat. There should be an intellectual movement simultaneously. Political movement is also the necessity.

    Bihar Government should recall all its people from Maharashtra and rehabilitate them in their home state. Bihari pride should be restored at all costs.

    Please ignite and awake all about these suggestions.


  17. Hi Neeraj!

    Let me make one point clear that in Andhra Pradesh we don’t have the tendacy to beat or harm or make fun of anyone. Anyone from any part of India can come to Andhra Pradesh and work. To put the records straight, people from Gujarat, Rajastan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Karnataka come to Andhra Pradesh and are settled in various parts of Andhra Pradesh, not only in Hyderabad but various parts of the state.

    Here, we don’t encourage the ‘politics of hate’ even when Telangana movement started in 2001 by KCR. He said we are not going to harm any single human beeing who come from other states or from Andhra region. We are going to press the need for a separate region as Telangana. So, please AP is not into these kind of problems.


  18. A graphic example of “one person’s terrorist, another person’s hero”.

    To many, Raj Thackeray is a terrorist. In fact, he is by all reasonable standards. Yet, to many, he is a hero.

    The poor Rahul Raj tried to respond in a senseless manner, with a blazing gun in hand, and in the process got himself gunned down at a pretty tender age.

    This shows how terrorism sprouts and is fostered.

    How one brand of terrorists is ruthlessly (attempted to be) crushed. And how another brand receives open state protection.


  19. Dear Neeraj Bhai,

    Well said about late Rahul. He became the victim of regionalism. This is really shocking act of Mumbai police. How brutal are they? They killed an innocent youngman. It hurts.

    Regards / A son of Bihar / Ahmad Rasheed


  20. … so many incidents, so much humiliation, its hell.

    Why Biharis are laughed at and are hated? I am disgusted.

    Why is their CM defenceless? Why is he hiding his cowardice in the name of Nation / India / Country / Integrity?

    Biharis are being insulted, harmed, killed in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Bengal, AP, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and now Maharashtra. But … who cares?


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