Austerity – Jai Ho!

“Sonia Gandhi flies economy class to Mumbai with security staff.” Doesn’t this reduce austerity to absurdity?

This is nothing but The Great Austerity Tamasha. And did you hear airlines upgrading ordinary citizens to accomodate VIPs in economy class? What’s this?

Wouldn’t then it be fun if the Congress President now issues a diktat instructing her partymen to demand 25% less bribes as an austerity measure!

Austerity is, after all, great. And someone rightly commented – “What’s this austerity? Coz you need money to keep some people poor!”

By the way, Minister Shashi Tharoor had a 5 star hotel lunch October 3rd with the media telling him why he has now chosen a life of austerity.



  1. this cant be told an austerity. sonia wants to cut cost, but people of his cabinet is not ready to change, shashi and krishna are light example. but u can see when rahul went to a dalit home all congress leader followed. rahul had an attrandum visit, but other leaders visited their with the sofas and non veg preparation. they hadnt food with them. try to understand the intension.


  2. Politicians are flying economy. Ok. But bureaucrats continue to fly first class. Are babus less accountable than the netas?


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