So Robert Vadra is India’s most famous son-in-law

Times of India’s banner in New Delhi edition dated 20.10.2010.

The Times of India may be one of the leading newspapers of India. But does this give it a right to impose upon us to recognize, consider and accept that one Robert Vadra is India’s “most famous son-in-law”? 

That’s what the news daily flashed in its maximum-width banner story in major editions on October 20, 2010.

An interview with Robert Vadra, who is known in the country as the husband of Priyanka Gandhi, the courteously charming daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, itself appears to be a surprise. While the daily published this unoccasioned interview as banner story in New Delhi and Mumbai editions, its other editions also carried the interview on front pages.

The TOI banner headline in Mumbai edition.

And as if the six-column interview was not enough, the newspaper also said it will publish the “full” interview on October 21, 2010.

Nothing much has been written about Vadra, 41,  in the press though his photographs do appear occasionally, accompanying his wife Priyanka. His such images present him as a very low-profile gentleman. Even Wikipedia does not mention him in more than few small paragraphs.

Interestingly, it was Times of India newspaper which had carried a notice by Vadra in 2002 wherein he had distanced himself from his father and brother, accusing them of misusing his name and proximity to the Gandhi family for favours. Outlook magazine had thereafter talked to Vadra about the notice and published an interview.

Vadra, a businessman, indeed has a fair name but the Times of India interview in which he has (now) been claimed to have said that he could win from anywhere is certainly a poor PR exercise and will be mocked at besides bringing the daily a bad reputation. And the trend seems to have begun too, as can be noticed in the comments that the newspaper website received over this interview.


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