Why Lalu will lose in 2010

Bihar is once again at a threshold. Six-phase assembly elections have been concluded and you would have noticed that this time it was a totally bloodless poll — no contestant or voter was killed.

The results will be announced Wednesday and I expect the verdict to be decisive. Bihar is my home state and I want it to emerge as a politically powerful state. I want its people to be respected all over the country. I want the new leader to lead Bihar, I want the new leader to lead India.

Who then will emerge as the new leader? Will it be the present chief minister Nitish Kumar again or Lalu Prasad Yadav who is blamed for Bihar’s collapse during his 15 years rule, both directly and by proxy.

Projections suggest Lalu’s imminent rout and there are no reasons to disagree. Apart from what all have been written in the press, I prefer to list just five points which I believe will mar his chances:

  1. He did not personally contest the assembly elections after announcing that he would be the chief minister;
  2. He contested the polls in alliance with Ramvilas Paswan who just five years ago wanted to clean up Lalu’s “accummulated garbage in Bihar”;
  3. He announced his son to be his successor, thereby disappointing all senior party leaders who lost the zeal midway;
  4. He could not keep his family united provoking his two brothers-in-law to look outside; &
  5. He did not concentrate on the 109 seats where his party was runners up last assembly elections and had the potential to return him to power.

No better luck, Laluji.




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  1. Bihar has changed for the better.

    Lalu, Ram Vilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar are all contemporary politicians.

    Lalu received the support of the people for 15 years which he converted as opportunity for personal benefit rather than for the people or the state of Bihar.

    I still recall the statement that he had made a few years back, when question on the abysmally poor conditions of the road in Bihar. His response was why mend the road we don’t have cars plying on them.

    This mindset needed to be expelled from politics as this showed contempt for the people of Bihar. It would be a satisfying moment to see Lalu and Ram Vilas Paswan being dumped into the dustbin of political history permanently. I am not a resident of Bihar nor do I personally know these two worthies, it is the nature of politics practiced by them that is abhorrent to a proud Indian.
    My best wishes to the state and people of Bihar, may they progress and reclaim their rightful status in India and the world at large.


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