Dial Against Corruption, Scams, Scandals

बर्बाद गुलिश्तां करने को बस एक ही उल्लू काफी है
अंजामे गुलिश्तां क्या होगा, हर शाख पे उल्लू बैठे हैं

A news channel recently ran a show titled: “Bharat Bhrasht Vidhaataa : The Republic of corruption”. I was aghast and sad to see such a below standard tagline. The channel was obviously emphasising on the exit interview of a Central Vigilance Commissioner who said: “Every third Indian is corrupt and many others are on borderline”. The big question is who is in the corruption bracket and who is not. The entire country is not corrupt. I am not corrupt. Are you?


Ask Friends, Colleagues, Relatives To Discuss

Will Prime Minister Manmohan Singh make a statement saying his UPA govt & his Congress party are not corrupt !!!

Will the main Opposition NDA issue a statement saying its constituents are not corrupt !!!

Will the Left parties & the regional parties make individual statements stating they are not corrupt !!!

Will all the chief ministers & state governors ensure that they & their governments are not corrupt !!!

Will the chief justices of all the courts assert their courts are free of corruption !!!

Will the head priests of all temples, mosques, churches announce their religious institutions are not corrupt !!!

Will the captains of industry say in unison that they are not corrupt !!!

Will the President make a one-line statement: ”Our nation is not corrupt” !!!

Isn’t India’s reputation as a place to do business being hit because of a new scandal coming up every other day? The latest scandal involving top public sector bankers is one of the biggest to taint India, potentially harming the image of Asia’s third-largest economy as destination for foreign investors, especially as it comes a few days after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has had to defend his government in another graft scandal involving telecoms licenses sold at rock-bottom prices that paralyzed Parliament and threatens to tarnish fast-growing India’s image as a favoured investment destination.

Proclaiming “zero tolerance” to corruption, Congress president Sonia Gandhi recently said that her party always believed in dealing with corruption with a heavy hand.  Without taking any names, but in an obvious reference to the sacking of telecom minister A. Raja and Commonwealth Games chief Suresh Kalmadi, she said: “Every time any corruption related issue has come to our notice, the Congress-led UPA government has always shown promptness in taking action”.

But in a latest, 95 officials from different government-controlled organisations and banks have come under the vigilance scanner for alleged involvement in corrupt practices prompting India’s main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party to step up its offensive against the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. The party also says the government is using the Central Bureau of Investigation and Central Vigilance Commission to cover up corruption charges against ministers and senior officials. Its leader L.K.Advani told a news conference in capital New Delhi on December 2 that the leaked tapes containing corporate lobbyist Nira Radia’s tapped telephone conversations brought to the fore the way the UPA leadership selects its ministers and makes policies. “The 2G scam is a multi-dimensional scam. It undermines democracy when business houses determine portfolios of cabinet ministers,” he said.

Some of the major corruption scandals dealing blows to India’s image:

  • Bofors Scandal
  • Animal Husbandry Case
  • Bombay Stock Exchange Manipulation & Fraud by Harshad Mehta
  • Hawala Scandal
  • Sukh Ram
  • Fodder Scam 
  • Lavalin Power scandal
  • Ketan Parekh Scandal
  • Barak Missile Deal Scandal
  • Tehelka Scandal
  • Taj Corridor Case
  • Telgi Scandal
  • Nitish Katara Murder Case
  • Oil-for-Food Programme Scam
  • Jessica Lal Case
  • Cash-for-Votes Scandal
  • Satyam Scandal
  • Madhu Koda, laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores
  • Ruchika Molestation Case
  • 2G Spectrum Scam
  • Common Wealth Games (CWG) Corruption
  • IPL Scam
  • Adarsh Housing Society Scandal
  • Housing Finance Scam

A news report says India has lost more than $460 bn since Independence because of companies and the rich illegally funnelling their wealth overseas. The illegal flight of capital through tax evasion, crime and corruption had widened inequality in India, says the US-based group Global Financial Integrity adding that the illicit outflows of money increased after economic reforms began in 1991.

Meanwhile, in an unconventional way to combat petty corruption, a local non-governmental organisation has invented a new sort of zero sum which, it hopes, will leave everyone better off: the zero-rupee note. What on earth is the point of that? The note is not legal tender. It is simply a piece of paper the colour of a 50-rupee note with a picture of Gandhi on it and a value of nothing. Its aim is to shame corrupt officials into not demanding bribes. The idea was dreamt up by an expatriate Indian physics professor from the University of Maryland who, travelling back home, found himself harassed by endless extortion demands. He gave the notes to the importuning officials as a polite way of saying no. Vijay Anand, president of an NGO called 5th Pillar, thought it might work on a larger scale. He had 25,000 zero-rupee notes printed and publicised to mobilise opposition to corruption. They caught on: his charity has distributed 1m since 2007.

And Do You Know

there is an anti-corruption helpline




  1. Dear Sir,


    During 1981 to 2011 from four-five dozen vacancies, not a single person in RBI, Jammu or Srinagar office was appointed from Kashmir and Ladakh region of the state. Prior to 1981 three/four dozen vacancies filled up. All most all clerical posts cornered by Kashmiri pundits, near and dear of one Kashmiri pundits Sr. officer in RBI.

    Recruitment in RBI is state oriented from British times, It may be a matter of step motherly treatment of central government institution against Kashmir or scam or both.


  2. Sir, God is not paid wages from past many years for guarding on road/street side self style urinals. where ever people find it difficult to object people they simply display tiles/photo of gods.Will any help God for getting his dues?


  3. It is a helpless situation until the central government at least is a clean government. Irrespective of position, the thing is so bad and I agree with Neeraj Bhushan that no one can claim honest in India as the picture stands.

    The other thing I notice is there is a complete lack of allegiance in the citizenry at every level both in government as well as outside. Everybody has become money-centric and human touch has been lost. This is called character assassination: a sure sign of Macaulayism.

    Madam Sonia has learnt politics of minting and she cleverly kept herself away from a direct power game. This absolves her of any direct blame yet keeping the baton in her hand with a thorough puppet gentleman in her command for “Her Master’s Voice”.

    Your estimate of $460 billion dollars scandalised since independence is a rough estimate only but who knows the exact figure?

    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania


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