Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi vs Subramanian Swamy


    • Mr RUSTAM,

      It is irrelevant for us whose hit man the spokesman is, what really matters whether he is stating facts or not. The fact does not become false even if it is spoken by a thug and the facts are stated by a scholar here.


  1. The revelations made by Swamy about Sonia are really shocking. And we Indians have not learnt a lesson even after British looted us. Thanks for sharing the videos, Neeraj. Could you please email me Dr. Swamy’s email id?


  2. want to know about Subramaniam Swamy.. Its easy..

    From 1969 to 1991, he was a Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.
    He attended Hindu College, University of Delhi from where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He studied his masters degree in statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute. He then went to study at Harvard University on a full Rockefeller scholarship. He did his doctoral research with two Nobel Laureates namely Simon Kuznets and Paul A Samuelson.

    He has got more creditiblity than any politician …


  3. Yes somebody correctly identified subramanian swamy; he was in hiding when whole Indian police was looking for him and he suddenly appeared in parliament in the garb of a Muslim with beard & all that.

    He is the biggest fraud Indian political system has produced . Was all along an enemy of Gandhi family, then suddenly became a cabinet minister in Rajiv Gandhi cabinet.
    Then, suddenly started praising Rajiv Gandhi.

    Suddenly became critical of Jayalalitha and played a big role in her ouster. Then suddenly became her friend; now he is again after Gandhi family. If today he gets a berth in the cabinet, you will see he becoming a biggest fan of Sonia Gandhi.

    He is a person who always looks out to get maximum benefit from those who are in power.

    The way he used Jayalalitha, then Karunanidhi. Jayalalitha knows him very well and doesn’t give any impornance; she knows today he is after Karuna & tomorrow he will go after her when she will come to power better to keep him out. It is often said that he is on the payroll of CIA.

    It is true that a person like him gets away by saying anything to anybody; I don’t know whether to give credit to Indian democracy or is it a draw back . Whatever he says about Sonia Gandhi smacks of personal vendetta because he does not criticize any of her policies or programs or any action but he some how goes very personal and says about her origin, her family, her children.

    The fact Indira died in India, the fact Rajiv died here in India… all these people… these so called intellectual people always said, Oh Indira will leave this country when she lost elections. Oh Rajiv is reddy to go to Italy. Oh Sonia now she lost her husband she will fly to Italy . Every time these people have been proved wrong. Now supreme court has closed her citizenship case still they are harping on same issue. What does these people want, do you know? They want they be given share in the power or they will keep on these issue ion boil . You know Swamy became very quiet and follower of Rajiv Gandhi when he got a berth in the cabinet.


    • We are not concerned with Dr. Subramanian. Indians are concerned with the facts narrated by him. In politics, who is not an opportunist? Jaylalitha did the same thing and voted against the BJP. She is telling the same thing today also.

      About Nehru and Indira, read the book written by Mr. John Mathai, Secretary of Nehru and you will change you opinion. Think of the country rather than individual or Swamy.

      Congress ruled the country for more than 50 years and what they have given hatred amongst the community and religions. They learned from Britishers how to rule and collect the money by imposing maximum law which common men cannot follow and then loot the money and transfer to other country.

      Same thing was told in one of the discussions in Mumbai (Bombay ) after a budge by Mr Nani Palkhiwala in 1975 that 85% black money is of govt. machinery and ministers, the balance is with business houses but out of that 10% is rolling in business and 5% with them for emergency.

      The money with the govt machinery and politicians are in locker in India or in swiss bank. This is taught by Nehru and family and is continuing till today. This has been exposed by Swamy.


    • Kindly update your GK and please don’t be blind. Open your mind and read the book “A cabinet secretary looks back” and also read books of some IB officials. Do u know why all Congressi netas never take a risk to oppose Subramaniyan Swami! Please also note that 2G Spectrum scam was opened by the Supreme Court with the help of Swamiji only and the concerned minister along with other culprits are in Tihar Jail.


    • I dont care bout what his past is.. i just care what his facts stated here are.. he is nothing in indian politics.. You seem to have distorted version of the Madam who is at a high post and am sure u know where she is at right now. true? She wants to convert the entire indian nation into either darul islam or a christian state.. So if u really are sunil kumar I would suggest bro that you use some brain and understand the dearth of the problem. If ur a sajid khan or a simon kumar – i would pray u get lost asap.


  4. yes the ruling govt and gandhi family have to answer all these questions….they are not here to fill their pockets with any kind of tax..this will not be accepted under any circumstances…gandhis dont try common people’s patience…..they will make a hell for u on this planet..better watch out


  5. everybody knows Subramanian Swamy was absconding during emergency as he was after Indira Gandhi for being close to Russia. He is still leading that crusade against Gandhi family. Let it be known that had he been in some other country, he would have been where u can guess. It is Indian Democracy where such kind person is making all sorts of allegations even after losing case in supreme court he is going on her citizenship issue he seems to be mentally ill.


  6. mr swamy and mr gurumurthy have been crusading to get the black money stashed outside, back to india. specific references of how sonia and family hold money outside can be found in their writings. bjp published it as well. mrs gandhi wrote to mr advani, who expressed his regret in bringing in the names of gandhis. where does this leave mr swamy and gurumurthy? how will they get sonia to respond to their allegations which seem to be supported by evidence. why not mr swamy write directly to sonia and make his letters public as he did with manmohan singh on the 2g scam?


  7. Yes, Congress tries to ignore the allegations; more so they may have no answers in defence of the Gandhis. This is in public domain for long and why is it that neither the media nor BJP and other opposition parties bring up this matter? It seems Mr. Swami is left alone lest he hogs the lime light!


  8. I watched the clip. I’m glad people are now questioning and verifying politicians and their credibilities.

    Isn’t it sad to see Asian voters choose charismatic leaders like movie stars and famous family bloodlines over objective minded politicians.

    In Malaysia & Singapore, we are still stuck in family dominance leading the countries. Internet is changing the landscape slowly by being a tool for public voice.

    Back in 2008 Malaysian elections, the opposition had used e-media to create history by winning 35% parliament seats. Now the country is transitioning.

    Thanks for sharing the clip. Cheers !!!


  9. Hi Neeraj,

    Thank you once again for posting yet another blog.

    What intrigues me is the total silence from the Congress party, which is extremely prickly when it comes to the Gandhis.

    Congress bares its collective fangs at a mere suggestion of an insult of the Gandhi leave alone an espousal of this nature.

    These claims of Dr. S Swamy have been in public domain for a very long time. Congress has surprisingly neither denied them nor mounted a concerted attack on Dr. Swamy as was visible recently when Shri K Sudarshan of RSS had purportedly stated something in an interview with Mr. Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express.

    If these assertions are false then Congress should have been up in arm or atleast a case of defamation should have been filed by it.

    Inaction from Congress on both fronts gives credence to the claims being made by Dr.Swamy. We cannot also ignore the fact that this no ordinary mortal he is a formidable foe. Absolutely capable of delivering a lethal legal blow from which the Gandhis and Congress may find very difficult to resurrect themselves.

    The other fact that cannot be ignored is that it was the petition by Dr. Swamy in 1996 that prevent Mrs. Sonia Gandhi from assuming the office of Prime Minister. That ambition was dealt with such finality that it has never been attempted again.
    This is the ability of this Dr. Swamy.

    Let us see if Congress or the Gandhis can muster up the requisite courage to confront these assertions. My personal view is they dare not attempt it.


      • Hi Neeraj,

        As u have stated that u met Subramanian Swamy, could u let me know a way through which I can do the same. If I have to say in one line about Subramanian Swamy… then … I would say that he is continuing from that point where Swami Vivekananda had left.


          • Hi I am a an ex serviceman. My wife’s father was in janata party when he was alive and till his last breath he was in janata party. He has a 1200 sq feet shop in velachery main road… Chennai 42. The shop has been given on rent to Mr James. After my father in law’s demise, Mr James stopped paying rent. When my brother-in-law went to collect the rent… Mr James threatened him and sold that building to Mr Selvamani a local Rowdie.

            When we came to know this we made a complaint in the velacherry police station. But we were shocked to see that Madam chandralekha has given them a letter stating that the land belongs to them. matterly fact for example if Madam Chandralekha owns a shop and in the first floor she is running her party office. After her demise the whole land will go to her party or it will go to her legal heirs. I came to know through janta dal party office that Mr selvamani paid some huge amount to Ms Chandralekha and received a letter from Ms Chandralekha.

            In this regard i met Swamy sir personnally and explained the matter. He promised me that he will help me. so i am a fan of Swamy sir and if he says something it means. I am a follower of swamy sir. meri prerana swamy sir hi hai.


            • I am a senior citizen. I am interested in the happenings in politics, though politics is not my profession. But I would like to be a man with Mr. Subramanian Swami. I praised him and is impressed with his courage, facts produced by him, and his efforts to clean the polity of India. I HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY MY FATHER TO BE HONEST.. AND CONTENT & I would like to work with him. If someone has his contact address, pls let me know at E mail adrees of mine noted as –

              AK JHA, Jamshedpur. Mob. no.+91 9431567259. I believe he will succeed in upper court in fighting against Mr. Chidambaram.


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