Inputs on Rahul Gandhi

Have done two posts on Rahul Gandhi earlier. “Rahul Gandhi” & “Rahul Gandhi: Cover Story“. Now, planning the third in a series. Your inputs please. Write directly on


  1. Neeraj, I could not understand your issue here through such topic. We may use our intellectual property for far many important burning issues that afflict the country and our people; certainly to educate ourselves better.

    Please do not misunderstand me but you are wasting time, energy and wit of all in it including yourself. What importance do you want to attach to this “Raul” who is a non entity as far as I or the vast number of Indians are concerned except that he is a dynasty “Amul Baby” of VS Achutanandan.

    Nehru abolished 563 princely Indian states only to create one pricely state
    in Delhi and that way you may see a similarity between the two princes.

    God bless


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