Rahul Gandhi: The Noida Excavator or Just Ash-Bone Collector!

Hope Rahul Gandhi remembers that a key Congress leader Sushil Sharma had burnt his wife in a tandoor, hardly a kilometer from the Indian Parliament. Rahul was younger, then (1995). Thus, let us recall Naina Sahni for a moment; she was burnt by her husband Sushil in the heart of the capital city New Delhi.

Sushil was then the president of the Delhi Youth Congress, considered Jr. Congress that Rahul presently patronizes. Hang on! Before burning her body in a clay oven at the open-air restaurant ‘Bagia’, Sushil had even mercilessly cut her into pieces. Smoke emanating from the crime scene had then caught attention of a patrolling constable and thus was revealed one of the most sensational butchering by none other than a Congressman.

This time circa 2011, Rahul says not one but scores of people have been killed and burnt in Noida, situated in Delhi’s neighbourhood where farmers have been protesting against land acquisition by their government and fighting pitched battles with those in uniform.

Interestingly, Noida goes to polls next year (along with rest of the state i.e. Uttar Pradesh where Rahul is desperate to score over the present regime led by a woman chief minister Mayawati); and as such political heat is mounting over the mounds that the younger Gandhi says must be investigated at once.

“People are being killed, women raped. I am quite concerned about the situation and it is still pretty bad,” he told mediamen after meeting the Prime Minister this week with a delegation of farmers from the affected Bhatta Parsaul village in Greater Noida.

Officials maintain four people, including two policemen, were killed in the unrest early May but Rahul claims otherwise, citing pictures of ashes, bones, burnt bodies and destroyed houses. I am surprised at the huge claims of ‘rape’ and ‘mass murders’ being levelled by Rahul Gandhi, who is also a Congress General Secretary.

If Rahul is speaking the truth, the victims must also speak the truth. They should realize that they have a guy who is becoming their voice. And if the claims are based on lies, Rahul seems to have committed a blunder. He has put so many things at stake. with this allegation which is refuted by the Mighty Mayawati.

And before alleging this state repression, Rahul had also surprise-visited the affected families in some troubled areas from where he was also briefly arrested in the name of maintaining law and order.

My take on the entire episode:

Rahul Gandhi cartoon on NOIDA killings and farmers protest. By Neeraj Bhushan.

One comment

  1. VS waswrong in calling a Platinum boy as amul boy. If a donkey will be given such an overt free publicity, he will become worth a PM in this nation. Diggy Raja commented blissfully that the difference between “Rahulji(sic)” and other leaders is that Rahulji comes first and media later whereas the media comes first when the other leaders arrive. What a blatant mean political statement to degrade his own leader, though I am sure, Diggy would have never realised the import of his utterance.
    God bless


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