Amitabh Narayan – Will He Be The Indian Idol 2012

Amitabh Narayan Indian Idol

It is pleasure to see Amitabh Narayan in Indian Idol (season six). I met him first when he was just a kid –- then I had gone for a luncheon at his house on an invitation.

I even (briefly) taught one of his sisters who is so dear to our family ever since; and also met another sister on a visit to Delhi while she studied at the I.P.College and lived in the hostel.

Amitabh Narayan Indian Idol Sixth Season on Sony

Amitabh’s parents have been so nice to me, always extending all love and respect. Few years back, I met the entire family at a wedding in Delhi where all looked so warm and loveable. During the function, I had to make a call and I remember using Amitabh’s cell phone as I had run out of balance in my mobile.

As I talked, and as he stood before, I could not believe how ‘manly’ the boy had grown up to – even more handsome and even more presentable and even more sweet – the same Amitabh who had insisted I must hear him singing when I had visited his family home at Muzaffarpur – our hometown in Bihar.

It is pleasure to hear him singing on screen, as the search for the Indian Idol continues. All the best Amitabh. I saw Asha Bhonsle reacting to one of your singing sessions: “Wah, Wah, Wah.”

Life is more than a jingle – Yes, I did hear you in the Safola and Tata AIG ads. It’s time to prove, again. I look forward to seeing you emerge as a playback singer. I am hearing you. Good job done. All the best.

Watch out Amitabh Narayan’s earlier performance in Voice Of India on Star Plus (2007).


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