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  1. I don’t even understand how I stopped up right here, but I assumed this put up was once good. I don’t recognise who you are however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you are not already. Cheers!


  2. Greetings, I am writing from Fremantle, Australia. Thanks so much for the great content. It helped me a lot with my school domestic science assignment 🙂


  3. Dear Sir,
    Sub. : Eligibility to contest election
    Our society is of nine wings out of which two wings of 56 members stopped monthly maintenance from last 39 months now recently all 56 members came down for settlement and they also paid part of settlement, balance they are also willing to pay but now the election is announced on 11th November 2012 can these members can contest the election if they clear all their dues by 25th of September 2012.
    Kindly guide us legally into this matter.


    • Thanks Ashok for writing.

      At the outset, lemme clear that elections are means to choose the right persons and authorise them to govern us effectively.

      Then, fair elections make any society (society of buildings or government-ruled states) stronger.

      I am happy to note that those who hadn’t paid for over three years have finally reconciled to terms and have paid their outstanding dues. It’s good for your society and I hope none of them have paid through bank cheques which at times bounce after elections (sic).

      But the fact that they have paid only part dues, I do not think it is legally proper for your society to allow them to take part in the forthcoming elections – either as candidates or voters. Please check your society rules – what do they say?

      I feel they must clear all outstanding dues to enjoy their adult franchise; and if they do so it would be in the fitness of things to welcome them into the elections and live peacefully, happily ever.

      But in case any of the residents are thinking that their taking part in the election process would dim their winning chances, they should not worry. The fact that those coming back to the fold have been defaulters for long makes their chances of winning bleak. Isn’t it?

      All the best for your elections. Please let me know of the outcome. God willing everything will be fine at the end.

      Regards | Neeraj


  4. Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!


  5. I Daniel Murzello residing at room no 3, Prarthana, CHS , plot no 185, sector 18/a, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. 400706.. Would like to ask, WHAT DOES A PERSON DO IF THEY ARE HARASSED BY THE OFFICE BEARERS OF THE HOUSING SOCIETY ???….
    Since for the past 8 years they have not given us Membership…REASON BEST KNOWN TO THEM, WHY ?..
    All though all are documents are clear the room is transferred on our name in CIDCO ltd as well dated April 2002 and no dues pending on our behalf to the society…
    They keep demanding Money from us,For no reason…
    They do not keep records and documents of the amount/Money, they Keep demanding from us,but very smartly add interest to that amount Every Year.
    They have been charging extra Money from us every month..
    They have never issued bills, so we would not know how much to pay and for what month…
    They issue us receipts as On A/c For no reason. On the first owners name, which we have been paying as services charges . Till date …
    They always threaten to Seize our room and cut our Water supply if we do not agree to their demands …
    They do not accept or reply to any of our letters and request we send them …
    They have stopped giving us the Yearly Statement of Accounts\Balance sheet. Since 2008..
    Though they have not made us Members, However they send notices Demanding Money, Directly on our Name..
    When we asked Mr S M Shrivastav [Former Secretary ] To explain the amount or why was the notice sent directly on our name. He denied being the secretary and could not explain the amount ,and does not know why the notice demanding money was sent on our name and told us to talk to Mr D D Kolte, since he is the Chairman of the society since 1996, from the time the society was registered, Till date..Even Mr Anant Rajput [Former Secretary] Mr Ashish Shetty [Secretary] and Mr Vijay Kadam [Treasurer] cannot explain the amount as well Or why the notice demanding money was sent on our Name ..
    We have complained about this issue even at the Sub/Joint Registrar Housing societies CBD… Navi Mumbai…The officer Mr Bhosle and Mr Thakur over there told us our papers are all clear and if the society does not make you a member they have the power to do so. However its been four years and no action has been taken. Till date. Our latest request for Membership in the society was once again given to the Sub/Joint Registrar of Co Operative Housing Societies CBD.on the 20th of April 2011..
    The Chairman Mr D D Kolte told us to go to court regarding this issue… REASON BEST KNOWN TO HIM WHY ?? Has he and the others think they are the LANDLORDS of the society…Although this issue can be very well solved in the society it self ….
    So as a consumer we filed a compliant in the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum CBD Navi Mumbai…My Complaint No. 45/2010. In Feb 2010.. However when ever we were called to court several times.The society office bearers never came.. However surprisingly an Order was passed in Dec 2010 by the court, by Mr R D Mhetras [president], Mrs Jyoti A Mandhle [member] That this complaint cannot be put up in the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and Dismissed the Case… In fact the court did not take any action or even ask the opposite party, why they never appeared in court when ever called, so many times in the past 11, months, But surprisingly the court passed an order after nearly a year that this complaint cannot be put up in the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.. After we paying the court fees for this case and also wasted One year of ours …
    Then why were we called so many times to the court, was it just for formalities ,.. or was it just to waste our time and harass us as well,..didnt the court know this in the beginning. And they advertise ..JAGO GRAHAK JAGO..
    In fact our latest request letter asking for Explanation Regarding The Amount The society Keep Demanding From Us, for no Reason was once again given to the Society dated 22nd Jan 2011. and a copy was also sent to their Advocate Mr Rajaram V Bansode [Advocate High Court]. But Till Date we have not received any reply or explanation regarding the amount from the society nor from their advocate..Reason best known to them, Why???
    WHAT are their Intentions/Motives behinds this Demands and Harassment by the office bearers of the society??.. (Or is it only because we are Christians, Or is it because they are from a political party ?? As this request for Membership is pending for the past EIGHT years)…
    However my Main Intention now is to Spread Awareness and Aware People by this Letter. How our Society Office Bearers can take Advantage of their Post and Misuse their
    The Sub/Joint registrar of Co Operative housings societies ,who is supposed to control all societies and see that the society follow and function in certain guidelines, have wasted FOUR years of ours, and have not solved this issue till date..
    The Consumer Redressal Forum who Advertise JAGO GRAKHAK JAGO, have also wasted ONE year of ours, only to decide and inform us that this case/complaint cannot be put up at the Consumer Redressal Forum..
    IS OUR SYSTEM SO BAD !! ??. That a common man has to wait, so long for Justice and still does not know when he will get Justice, for this simple Issue…
    We have wasted so much time by running from pillar to post, sending/writing request and letters regarding this issue to all who are supposed to give justice or guide us, on this issue…(Leave aside the money we have spent,The Harassment both Mental and Physical, Insults and Embarrassment, My Family and i have faced for the past EIGHT years), and i do not know how long will this go on ??…

    Requesting you once again to kindly advice us on what to do regarding this issue, or who do we go to for justice, regarding this issue…

    My family and i are tired of this constant demands and harassment by the society and its office bearers ..However we have decided never to give up and we will fight against Corruption and such Dishonest People in our Society.. Even if our Water supply or our Electricity is cut by them . . Its our Hard Earned Money we have Collected to Purchase this Room , and we will fight for our HOME as long as we Live….
    Mr D D Kolte (Chairman) 9320 467 945
    Mr Ashish Shetty (Secretary) 9324 925 128
    Mr Vijay Kadam (Treasurer)

    Thanking you …
    Daniel Murzello .. Cell No – 9702 842 999..


    • I believe you are taking appropriate action as per our discussion. Please keep sharing the detail. You have a fit case and you should not feel defeated. Fight and you will succeed. May God be with you. Bests.


    • Thanks for visiting. Please carry on the good work and share your expertise. Internet STILL needs quality content on areas of your interest.

      Hope you will be regular in posting contents, no matter how small they may be.



  6. Kya koi hai jo samaaj ke hit me sting opration, PIL, RTI file karne ko aatur ho? Mere paas is hetu ideas hain.

    Sumit / 91-9425605432 / Bhopal


  7. Kinheen saamaajik pariyojnaon (mere dwara taiyaar PIL, RTI ityaadi ko file karne) ke liye sabkaa aahwaan kaise kiya jaaye?

    Sumit / Bhopal / 09425605432l


    • These works are easy to think, difficult to start and strenuous to continue. If you are dedicated, you will find your way, albeit few moments of frustrations, anxiety and hopelessness. Nevertheless, you begin with whatever resources you have with you. Talk about the issues and your concerns with like-minded people. Everyday a new batch would join you. Issue press releases at local level first. Attend public meetings, seminars. You can even organise them. I am with you. Best wishes.


  8. Why don’t you share some of the better news with the world about PTI? I am assuming that there should be something positive about the organization in terms of new technology to disseminate news, some new products or tie-ups.

    As a regular tracker of global media news, especially from the wire service world, I am interested in noting the progress that my old organization has made on these fronts. Since you seem to be privy to the newsletters from PTI, why don’t you post something once in a while about progress?

    Of course, this request is purely based on the assumption that there IS some progress happening on some front with news… not just new buildings and a fresh coat of paint to some old ones.


  9. Hi Neeraj,

    You have a wonderful blog. There has been a question which I think you are going to be best at answering. I have been wanting make a career switch into journalism. I am an engineer and have been working as a software engineer for an American MNC. Is there any possibility for me making the switch? If so how do I go about it?



    • Great to find you here, Tavish. I am obliged.

      As a career option, journalism is in.


      And, if you have a professional background like engineering, as is reflected, you can even try writing on technical subjects.

      Software, as a field, will be ruling the world. Lucky you. You have been working as a software engineer. Why not gather your energy, resources, contacts and will-power to start conceiving story ideas related to softwares?

      Who knows, you can turn out to be the most sought after writer on the subject ! You already have a blog.

      Two other options may also be explored:

      (i) You start your own publication concentrating on softwares;

      (ii) You remain in your present occupation and keep writing on your favorite subject(s), contributing to magazines and newspapers. If your writing style suits them, you can eventually have a column there.

      And, if you feel it has been too much, already, in software and engineering, please let me know. Some more dose would follow. Joking.

      Does this help you! If not, please feel free to dig more.



      • Wow! that more than answers my questions! Thank you so much!!

        Will definitely get down to doing some of the stuff you have been talking about…

        Thanks once again!!!


  10. Hello Neeraj

    Thank you for a great Blog which is full of information. I am envious of your site!

    I do not have much knowledge about IT and was therefore wondering about some tips from you.

    How do I change my site to

    Is it possible? I note that you are in wordpress but do not have the wordpress in it.

    Sorry for the naive questions and my apologies for the hassles.

    Kindest regards

    Yadu Singh/Sydney/Australia


    • My Dear Yadu,

      Thanks for writing. Thanks also for the good words, and sharing with me a genuine concern about your beautiful blog.

      I don’t think there’ll be any problem in resolving the issue raised by you. Please follow the following steps and you would get your own, very own, blog post.

      After logging into your blog, please go the dashboard section. There you would find certain topics on the left side of the screen. The very second topic will be ‘Upgrades’ in which there’re two sections. Out of the two, please choose ‘domains’. The rest of the process is interactive. Please note that it is a paid service for which you’ll have to pay wordpress, for your own domain name. In case, all these doesn’t seem clear to you, please let me know so that we can fix a time for online setting up of your own domain. Best wishes.

      Please feel free to send your feedback. Cheers!



      • Thank you Neeraj. It is very helpful.
        BTW, have you seen the latest UNDP human development report. Not happy that beloved India is placed so low in the list. I will be writing on it soon.
        India is my matrabhumi and Australia my Karm Bhumi. India will always be very dear to us.

        Kindest regards

        Yadu Singh/Sydney/Australia


  11. Hello Sir,

    I’m a final year engineering student. My core interest lies in mass communication (journalism). I have been a news junkie for as long as I can remember. I plan to take mass comm as further education after my B.Tech degree.

    What are your views on it? Kindly recommend some institutes in which I should look forward to study.


    • Good that you have a penchant for journalism. Very few would encourage you to join this profession, given the changing ethics in this discipline. Yet, I would love to see you developing strong urge to take a plunge.

      To begin with, start reading at least three newspapers – One English, One HIndi and One regional (from where you belong or have origin). Out of these, one newspaper has to be read from page one to last, in detail.

      The top institute for mass comm is Indian Institute of Mass Communication. The link is

      Further, there are several institutes in national capital Delhi, many of them are run by media houses. Keep a track on advertisements. But, please be careful in choosing the right institute. There are few money makers too.

      Further, before deciding on an institute, you can begin contributing to some magazines or newspapers too, if you think your writing is seductive with rich content on the areas of your interest. Some news channels have also started the concept of citizen journalists too.

      If you need further clarification, please feel free to write again. Thanks for writing to me.

      Best wishes.


  12. Hi Neeraj,

    I read your blog on Ms Bedi. Can you help us in reaching her regarding an urgent matter related to kidnapping of my nephew in India.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.



  13. Hi Subhash!

    Thanks for writing and taking interest in me. I can understand your difficulties. Yours is a typical case of cheating, fraud and exploitation. But don’t worry. Just be patient, believe in yourself and have faith in God.

    I have not seen the terms and conditions of your appointment letter or the rules / clauses therein. Still, I can make out that you have been a victim of fraud and cheating and you have been penalized for your innocence.

    But it’s time. It’s time to wake up. C’mmon.

    First of all, you and your friends (who also have been cheated) must join hands together and discuss what can be done collectively. If all agree, fine. Else, you can individually resolve to fight.

    You need to immediately lodge a complaint with the police (in the police station where the office of the company is situated), mentioning briefly how you were promised this and that and how you were shown the door ultimately. I know, these matters are not within the jurisdiction of the police, being labour matters. Still, you need to do it, as, later on, you can pursue this case with the court, if police refuse to budge, as a case of cheating and fraud.

    Secondly, you must lodge a proper complaint narrating everything with the local labour authorities or you can also straightway file a complaint in the labour court (I believe it is in Bandra).

    Also remember, your resignation is not valid. In fact, you have been made to resign. You had no option but to resign. The company is solely responsible for this mess and it must suffer the consequences. If you fight, you have strong chances to win. Not paying PF is another crime committed by your company.

    Further, there are some real good people in Mumbai whom you can approach and I know they will be helpful. One of my brother-in-laws stays at Meera Road and is a good lawyer. His name is Anjani Kumar and he can be reached at 09869036589. I am sure, he will be of great help to you.

    Best wishes.


  14. Dear Sir,

    I got you through web search.

    I am a B.Tech. Electrical Engg. pass-out from NIT. Sir, I am from Patna and was employed in Mumbai by a Marathi Company in October 2008, on CTC Rs. 4,20,000.

    However, my company did not pay me (and some others also) any salary till January 2009. Meanwhile, I went on 25 days’ leave in January and on return, when I demanded my due salary, the Company Director blatantly refused to pay anything. All these months, I was paid a meager Rs. 8000. That’s all.

    My notice period was seven days, so I put the resignation notice and resigned. No staff, including me, had any P.F. in this company.

    Please suggest me the steps I can take. Alternatively, you may recommend me a good lawyer in Mumbai who can fight my case. My cell no. 9867494863.

    Thanking you.

    Subhash Kumar


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