Have you committed a mistake! Want to admit or accept…! Ashamed to talk about your faults! Do you have a secret! Is something causing you pain! Desirous or jealous of someone! Why not share then? Be innovative. Talk. You may remain anonymous. Whatever you say here will go only to the Neeraj Bhushan. Needful can be done if you desire that a story be written based on your confessions.

Just be honest and open up. Write your strength or weakness. Saying sorry openly or boldly can be a great reliever. If you have committed a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, confess. Please remember to love yourself; promise to love everyone. Yes! The world is so beautiful. Neeraj Bhushan encourages the act of confession.

Share, what do your friends, family and neighbours think of you. Write below, and and note that you are not born to suffer. Feel the strength. Rise. Have Greater Voice. You can do. You can do anything that is possible this life. Look into the mirror and tell yourself, “Life is beautiful.”



‘Confessions’ is a totally free page to help you improve. Here, you can make a confession anonymously. This is a place to empty a heavy heart. Of course, it requires courage to speak the truth.


Making confessions here is understood to be confidential. People are requested not to reveal any information in such a manner that might disclose their identities to others. Those making confessions may choose not to include any identifying information in their submissions.


Any confession made here is totally voluntary and solely of the person making the confession. The confession should not be attributed to anyone else. Confessions neither promise something similar won’t happen again nor visiting this place establishes any therapist-patient or other relationship. Making confessions should not be considered a substitute for any religious, moral or legal exercise. Please note that providing details are essential to fully confess an event but kindly refrain from using unnecessary details which may not be deemed appropriate. We reserve the right to proceed further or not to, following any request made with regard to submissions done here.


‘Confessions’ is a forum for people to confess; and of course, absolution is not offered. However, thoughtful and caring replies can be provided by mail for those who especially wish to receive them.