Wanna Participate In BBC Documentary!

sanjay-jha.jpgMy friend Sanjay Jha, a journalist with the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian, is making a documentary for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He says the new documentary can be an interesting case study if more and more Indian families choose to participate. 

“I just concluded a 4-episode programme for BBC wherein we invited six British shoppers with passion to India. They were offered unique opportunities. At the end, they all learnt how to make clothes,” says Sanjay adding: “Now we are doing a different case-study wherein British teenagers will be required to live with Indian families for two weeks and play the role of the anthropologist.” 

Through this exciting new documentary, BBC is keen to show how a British teenager adapts to new surroundings by taking on the household chores, the local school and community life. 

In the process, the teenagers would also be able to analyze how different it is to their own lives at home.

Sanjay is for that reason looking for families who would be willing to host the British teenagers and give them a real cultural experience. 

“The families need to be fairly traditional and should have at least one teenager living at home and attending school,” says Sanjay about his expectations from the prospective families. 

“They must also be keen to share their values with a British teenager and expect them to live by these values during their stay.”

Interested? Please contact bbcindiadocumentary@gmail.com with a brief profile of your family.

What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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