Photo Travelling with Tanya-Vera

One is beautiful, the other vivacious. One is 26, the other 28. When one talks, the other beams. They are two wonderful, yet timid, photo-travellers from Russia – Vera and Tatiana. 

Together, they have been capturing the essence of life and beauty of nature from Ladakh to Orissa for over nine months now. “We are privileged to see the real India, something we always wanted to,” says Vera Adler, the younger of the two; with her friend Tatiana Makarenko joining her quickly: “We feel so energized having seen and captured some very great moments.” 

Smiling, as found in all their pix posted on Vera’s Russian website and Tatiana’s Russian website, they are holding a photo exhibition at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. They welcome you with ‘Namaste’ if greeted and leave you mesmerized with their brilliant work. The exposition ‘India – My Love’ is worth recommending. I bet you will be tempted to buy many of their works, priced very fairly. “Even this Rs.500 means so much for us,” they concede. 

“Why India?” I put to them through separate e-mails, after appreciating their lens work earlier in the day. “Because, it is a sacred country and the finest example of unity in diversity,” said Vera. “We have experienced it, we are experiencing a new India everyday.” Tanya qualified her statements: “Oh! I have fallen in love with India. It’s a great land. No picture album would be enough to capture its beauty. Our exhibition is an attempt to showcase the “Incredible India” as seen through our lens”.  

After seeing the natural beauty featured on their work, I am sure, your mind will be travelling from Ladakh to Orissa, and you will discuss what needs to be done for promotion of their travel photos.

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  1. I saw the works of the Russian photographers after reading in your blog. Their job is commendable. I am told that many more of their snaps are due to be displayed.

    You are right. These girls need to be promoted. They are very enthusiastic.


  2. I thank you Neeraj for updating your page with Tanya and Vera. The beautiful travellers and their beautiful works have made my day. You know, your webpage is my homepage and your latest update on the two Russians propped up as soon as I opened my explorer window. As I was reading about Tanya, Vera and their work, I got an excellent offer (I will tell you later about it). Have a good day too.


  3. Hi, Neeraj!

    Thank yoi very much!

    It’s very interestig bloog and we like it very much. You wrote very interesting article about us!

    Thank you! Best wishes!

    Tanya, Vera


  4. I have been a regular visitor of your blog and hold great appreciation for your efforts especially the way you pick up the issues and present them in a coherent yet distinctive way.


  5. I think side-by-side you are also teaching how we should write or present news. This is a fantastic, very well written story with a golden soul.

    May be the Russian photo-travellers, as you have described them, understand the same. Tell me what can I do to promote their works?

    Sujay Chakraborty, Sub-Editor cum Reporter


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