I always knew Hillary Clinton as a big fan of new media social networking tools, as she encourages friends around the world to use new media to discuss important issues and share photos of her activities.

Look what’s up, at her India visit this time:

Clinton meets Taj chef Hemant Oberoi.
Clinton meets Taj chef Hemant Oberoi.

Her first visit to India as US Secretary of State is not only being covered by the traditional press, but also by the on-line media community. Clinton is being covered on hot new social networking sites “Twitter,” “Flickr,” and “Facebook.” The “Americagov” Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/americagov) is following the Secretary every step of the way during her activities in India. Clinton’s fans and participants at all of her India events are using the “Twitter” hash tag address #HillaryIndia to follow and comment on the issues addressed during her visit.  They are also posting both professional and cell-phone photos on “Flickr” using the same tag, #HillaryIndia. You too can follow her on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ejournalUSA).

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