Should I wear something scandalous: Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat

Recently, she even went ahead and asked her fans … for suggestions on what to wear. Her question of the day was: “What should I wear to the Tarantino premiere tonight? Would something scandalous be appropriate?

Then, on the way to the event, she posted: “Hanging out in the limo on the way to the Inglourious Basterds premiere.

Though her ghastly ‘Batwoman’ dress at the Los Angeles premiere has set many tongues wagging, she’s been receiving criticism in great quantities. Mallika Sherawat is afterall known for her strikingly itsy bitsy garbs, and her heart pumping gyrations. No doubt she put her ‘best’ to steal thunder at the Brad Pitt starrer ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Movie premiere by showing up in a ridiculous outfit!

Draped in a revealing black dress, the actress rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and also bumped into director Quentin Tarantino on the red carpet. Well, Mallika loves such controversies. First, it was over her  surname and marital status. A porn MMS video clip followed then. Her topless shots in ‘The Myth’ also hit the headlines, wherein she featured with Hollywood action hero Jackie Chan.

‘The Myth’ was her maiden international appearance. Though it received a cold response, the babe managed to raise temperatures. View the video here, wherein her blouse falls off. In this video, Mallika is facing Jackie Chan while the camera shows her back. If Mallika Sherawat is to be believed, Jackie Chan had promised that he would close his eyes when the The Myth’s topless scene was shot. But, says the siren, he did not, saying later that he was “not gay”. Since Jackie Chan movies never feature too much of sex, the scene itself is short. The actor then hides Mallika’s assets with his sweatshirt. Mallika Sherawat also claimed that Jackie Chan fumbled several times during the topless shooting in The Myth forcing re-takes, the implication being Jackie was keen on having the same view several times. Ahem!

MY VOICE: D hottie luks butter … errr … better in a video 4m d same movie. Watch it here

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  1. Mallika UPDATE:

    A real conversation between Mallika with one of her fans:

    “hi… Hissssssssss, when ur going to bite me?”

    “I don’t bite and my snake character in Hisss doesn’t chew. She swallows whole…”


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