Sania-Shoaib: A New Reasoning

When I came to Delhi in 1997 to join news agency Press Trust of India (PTI), I subscribed ‘The Guardian’, briefly.

Then I started reading this newspaper, again briefly, at the libraries… until I enrolled myself as a member of the British Council, one of the coolest places in New Delhi.

Yesterday, I visited this beautiful spot to xerox the page below wherein I have been quoted on the Sania-Shoaib’s cross-border love story.

Incidentally, one of my best friends Dilip Dubey also happened to read something about me in Tokyo and he was exuberant. But, since I was not carrying my mobile, we could talk only in the evening. And I loved his kind words. Thank you Dilip for all that you told me over phone. I can understand your high-spirited conversation. That’s what friends are for.


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