Ask Salman Rushdie – 10 Questions

TIME needs your questions for India-born Booker author Salman Rushdie. Send your questions alongwith hometown and you may end up in a future issue of the magazine. Winner of numerous literary awards, Rushdie was born into a Muslim family that witnessed the partition and claims he is a non-Muslim Muslim, a British Asian and a non-European European. He got more ‘famous’ when his satiric work The Satanic Verses (1988), earned him a fatwa from Iran.

I have done my bit, submitting 10 questions to him. You may submit your questions for Rushdie now. The interview would be published in the upcoming issue of TIME magazine.

I Simply Asked…

 Mr. Rushdie,

Q.1. Do you see a role for yourself in India-Pakistan peace process?

Q.2. Would you have succeeded (so much) if you had lived in India?

Q.3. Do you regret being a Muslim?

Q.4. How do you see English writers from India?

Q.5. Whom do you love most – novels or women?

Q.6. Do you miss your former wives?

Q.7. What has been your most significant contribution to literature?

Q.8. Do you still fear for your life?

Q.9. How do you react to the recent court verdict in the matter of demolition of the most controversial Indian mosque – Babri Masjid?

Q.10. Would you still marry?

Thanks & Regards / Neeraj Bhushan 

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