Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Yesterday Today Tomorrow: Neeraj Bhushan @ British Council Library. Photo by Pallvi.I completed 40 last month. That means four decades.

The first 10 urchin years were smooth while I kept learning from my father, mother and family. The next 10 schooling years were golden, in the company of friends.

Between 21 and 30, I experimented. Taught at a school, assisted in the family business, took IIT-CAT-IAS tests,  married,  had a kid and finally became a journalist.

And I spent the last decade, standing for people who loved and respected me.

During these years, I was penalised half-a-dozen times, though being totally innocent every occasion. And as I have a tremendous sense of guilt, I curse myself sometimes honestly.

Yes. I do feel that yesterday you were right and I was wrong. Even today you are right and I am wrong.

May be tomorrow I prove you wrong.


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