Do they come to you in morning? I’m asking you

How sensitive we are, or should I say — how insensitive !

To add weight, I’ll quote just three instances from our daily lives, taking leaves from our early morning chores.

Having no care for our night-watchmen, we totally ignore the very first visitor to our homes, everyday, and everyday for years, i.e. our newspaper vendor whom we don’t even meet. Next comes the kudawaali who takes away the left-overs and the garbage, routinely. And then comes the maid to clean our house, whom we don’t even greet.

Hey, they come to you in the morning to make your day. But how do we respond to them?

Finally, are we even disciplined enough to pay them on time, on 1st of every month !!!

note: I will be happy to be wronged if some of you indeed say: “Yes, I am sensitive enough. I care for them, Neeraj.”

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