Pak shows countrymen the real face of terrorism

Faseel E Jaan - Every Friday at 7.40 pm on PTV

In a bid to defeat the prevailing negative mindset amongst its citizens, Pakistan has launched a television series to unveil the real face of terrorists and militants that have been exploiting downtrodden in the name of religion.

And the drama serial ‘Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay’ is thus showcasing the courage of both the common people and the armed forces against terrorists and militants. The theme song of the drama series is suitably titled: ‘Imtehan Hai Imtehan’. Jointly produced by the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Communication Research Studies (CRS), it is being  televised by PTV Home every Friday at 7:40pm.

According to ISPR Director General Athar Abbas, the serial is an epic journey of common people, civil servants, jawans and officers of the Pakistan Army who despite all odds stood by their conviction and showed firm resolve to weed out terrorism and rendered invaluable sacrifices in the line of duty.

In the series, the Pakistanis are being shown true stories of courageous Pakistanis who gave tough resistance to terrorists with their resilience and sacrifices.

Pakistan army says 2,700 soldiers have been killed by Islamist militants whose senseless attacks have also accounted for thousands of civilian deaths.

At a curtain raiser ceremony in Islamabad, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said terrorism is not confined to any specific area in Pakistan. “It is a mindset which is now present in every street of the country and we have to defeat this negative mindset.”

“Fifty suicide bombers are ready for the mission,” a militant says in one of the dramatized scenes. He is shown speaking to his sponsor on mobile. “Just keep sending the money. Don’t worry about the supply … Pakistan has many poor people. Better they die for God than from illness.”

A promotional video can be seen below:

One comment

  1. where was the serial when islamic terrorists were bleeding India. they are reaping what they have sown and deserve every bit of it.

    its not paki resolve but american danda up their asses.


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