Food Liberation Army beheads Ronald McDonald

Some Finnish activists want fast food icon Mc Donald’s to create a better world and in a first, they kidnapped a statue of Ronald McDonald, held it captive and then executed it.

They then splashed their video that captured their terrorist like tactics. Apparently, they wanted to sensationalise their extemist actions.



As seen in the video above, the such scary ways adopted by the food activists, are certainly in poor taste. Ben Popken, the Managing Editor of, said that two members of the group were arrested by police and the statue was recovered, but the group went ahead and guillotined a replica anyway.

Their ransom video can be watched below wherein the activists demanded answers to questions about how McDonald produces it food:



Watch the video below to see how McDonald was kidnapped!


One comment

  1. Although a bit distasteful if taken seriously, the videos are quite hilarious and relevant. All their questions are very relevant and on point. And when it comes down to it, Ronald McDonald is the blatantly manipulative face of an empire which should be suppressed as much so as extremist groups or the like. The combination of the quality of the food being served at McDonalds and the amazingly high demand of meat created by the restaurant chain’s size, contributing to a travesty of monumental proportions in regards to meat “manufacturing,” is negatively effecting the health and wellbeing of a greater number of people, albeit more subtly, than any extremist group ever will. Sad…


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