Assange’s Mother Speaks Against American Fatwa

An angry mother speaks this time. She says the United States has an ‘American Fatwah’ against her brave son. “His case is huge … My son’s legal and human rights should be protected.”

Concerned that she is, Christine Assange now takes up her son  Julian Assange’s case, saying their country has failed them.

Hear Christine’s anguish as she talks to ABC’s Jon Faine wherein she says the Australian Government have been derelict in their duty. 

Meanwhile, in her letter to Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, 59-year-old Christine Assange demanded that he take up the WikiLeaks founder’s case or resign.

“As far as I am aware you have made no diplomatic protest to Sweden for their abuse of my son’s legal and human rights, nor have you protested to the US for their incitements to kidnap and murder,” she wrote.


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