Remembering Huma Akram

Huma Akram’s death is one of the most searched terms on Greater Voice. Actually, this lovely wife of Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram died very young at an Indian hospital where she was admitted in emergency situations.

Sushmita Sen

The cricketer was later linked to former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and here in the videos below you can see the fine chemistry that existed between the Akram couple.

Sad, a beautiful soul died because of poor medical facilities. “(But) I do not want any revenge because my wife cannot return,” Wasim had said then. “I want to launch a campaign against poor medical facilities and negligence so that such tragic deaths do not occur in future.”

Hope Wasim remembers his commitment and fulfills it. We are aware that Imran Khan, another celebrated cricketer, had built a cancer hospital in Lahore after his mother’s death in a similar bid to counter poor medical facilities in Pakistan.

In his 1998 autobiography, Wasim had written: “Huma has been a rock to me in so many ways.” May her soul rest in peace.

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