Osama bin Laden, The Queen & The President

It would certainly be someone other than the al Qaeda chief who had created a twitter handle in the name of Osama bin Laden, with just 4 followers. This fake Osma bin Laden’s last tweet read: “IM DEAD …”. This was dated 2nd May, the day US President Barack Obama declared him dead.

And how did the US President who has an official account on twitter, behave? Any guess! Well, on 2nd May, he just wrote stony words: “About to address the nation. Watch live.” Since then, he hasn’t tweeted about Osama.

And can you even guess what was going on in the mind of the British Queen at that time, on that day? She would tweet: “Bin Laden on the phone. Kidding.”

Next day, i.e. on 3rd May, she again took a dig: “One can confirm that Bin Laden was discovered when suspicions were aroused as his house was the only one not having a Royal Wedding party.”

And now lemme take you to some of my own tweets on Osama bin Laden after his death was made known:

2nd May

Osama Dead: Long Live Obama.

CIA was looking for the Paki family that would not leave its trash for collection as did its neighbours. And they zeroed in on Osama.

3rd May

Sohaib Athar is born over Osama bin Laden.

CIA watched the operation against Osama bin Laden LIVE. Expect WikiLeaks to release the video if the US decides to hold it.

4th May

Who is announcing a blockbuster on Osama bin Laden’s death, first? Hollywood or Bollywood?

When Osama was unarmed during raid, why did u shoot him?

5th May

Mr. Obama. Osama is dead, as declared by you. Why fear him, still? Release his photos. They are not for your walls only.

Post Osama… wondering how an American would be living in Pakistan, right now.

6th May

Asked barber to give me ‘Obama Cut’. Many attendants in the parlour had but shaven head; said they did it hearing Osama’s killing.

When was the world safer – During Osama or After Osama?

7th May

Lips Don’t Lie: We are back to silent movie era. US releases Osama bin Laden’s videos with audio off.

Obama is carrying on Osama’s works. Instead of dead Osama pics, he released alive Osama images. Al Qaeda’ll thank u Mr. President.


[This post was conceptualised while reading Richa Bansal’s tweet: LOL.. Osama’s last FB update: “brb. Sm1’s at the door”.]

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