There’s something in a name: Prakash Karat or Andhkar Karat

He may say, “Don’t write off Left.” But the red political party that he leads — Communist Party of India (Marxist) or the CPM, has been hammered by the people of West Bengal this assembly elections.

I have often seen this party general secretary walking like a common man on streets and behaving very decently like a commoner in his car. He doesn’t even suffer from “I’m a VIP” syndrome. But what is that which is not kicking under his camaraderie!

His critics say he could not read the writing on the wall; and remained clueless until his CPM, that ruled the eastern Indian state for record straight 34 years, sank in the 2011 assembly elections — with just 40 seats out of 294 that went to polls. This jolt can actually leave any political party red.

Instead, on Tuesday… after a stock-taking meeting of the party politburo, he warned: “Writing the epitaph of the CPM will be a mistake”. Whom does he want to teach a lesson, now? Isn’t a 44000-volt-shock not enough! Well, may I have a little advice for him through this caricature:

CPM's Prakash Karat caricature-cartoon-illustration after West Bengal Assembly Elections result. By Neeraj Bhushan.

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