perfect example of FOREIGN ownership in Indian media

Click image to read full story as appearing in The Economist


  1. Following is my comment on that post somewhere in sixties. It has nothing to do with Indian media as far as the Economist is concerned which belongs to the giant world media empire currently very much in the news for their “Phallus and Boobs” scandal in London that is a difficult task for them presently to fix. All the smiles have vanished and they are licking the phallus but without boobs on this occasion. We still don’t know, “Who fixed whom over there”?

    “Having perused the recent scandal in the media murk and mud, I am not surprised because this was/is the patent ways of invoking “Phallus and Boobs” to build the fortune.

    They do not seem to have learnt from the foam slapped on the face. The same phallus has fixed something in the London hearing where they were screwed unexpectedly. I felt very sorry for you all Sir/Ma’m! The phallus reached surprisingly from Amarnath to London where The Windi did a better business to Wade in.

    Kashmir’s future is intricately woven with the economies itself. I hope it finds its rightful place. The majic of phallus is very well visible as well as palpable right from New York to London to Kashmir and globally. Phallus is a majic organ after all. Entire universe is built upon it.”

    God bless


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