Potters’ Haat in Delhi on Dec.10 & 11, 2011

Potters Market“This is going to be the first time that we are holding a potters’ market in the Indian capital,” says Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, a ceramic artist involved in the concept. “Here, the artists would themselves be selling their work directly to the customers.”

According to the organiser – Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, handmade art work would be made available at affordable prices at the two-day market, where the entry is free.

And the venue — Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road — is connected well with Delhi Metro.

Delhi Blue Pottery Trust LogoI will be there too, to understand the concept of “Potters’ Market” which seems very new to our country.

“We have been receiving good number of queries and we believe the participants would be able to generate huge interest among the visitors,” says Aggarwal, who also edits ‘Indian Ceramic Quarterly’, an impressive newsletter.

I’m told such markets have already been successfully held in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bhopal, and they are now planning to move to different cities soon.


  1. Mr. Bhushan, I have been setting up a small pottery studio since June. To date, I have yet to find the resources and information I need. Sanskriti was hopeless as far as providing any information, and referred me to one of the people at Delhi Blue Trust. Someone I had already been in touch with, and fortunately, has been the only resource so far – albeit a limited one. I got a wheel, banding wheel and clay. No answers on clay quality questions yet, and communication is erratic at best. Since August 27th, I have been looking for other clay (Delhi Blue carries only ONE type of stoneware. After all these years its remarkable that its resources are as limited as they are). for all other attempts, generally speaking, phone calls go unanswered, emails are ignored and answers to questions are vague at best.
    It is terribly disappointing to see how limited the resources are for most artists. Such communities can only flourish if there is open communication, exchange of ideas, experience and access to resources. Imports of electronics and everything computer related are boundless. Why are art materials so hard to find? Even on line resources are dismal for pottery supplies.
    Is there something I am missing? Have I simply been contacting all the wrong people? I somehow doubt it, but would be happy to be wrong. If you are at all aware of other resources, I would be most grateful for your help.


    • Dear Ameeta,

      I think there is some mistake somewhere. Sanskriti is a teaching centre for pottery and Delhi Blue is an organisation promoting pottery and ceramics and also a teaching centre since 1952. All queries to Delhi Blue email are answered promptly. As for telephone calls, the office timings are 10 – 5, and all calls within this time period are answered. Also it is not a fact that only one type of clay is available in delhi blue. We use stoneware of different compositions and we use low temperature clay, as well as imported porcelain.
      Please write to me on infodbpt@yahoo.co.in or re4clay@gmail.com or post your queries on my clay-group called ‘Re4clay!!!’ on Facebook and i will help you with whatever you need. Please include your phone number on the mail so I call you and speak to you directly and save time.

      Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal
      Trustee- Delhi Blue Pottery Trust
      Founder/Artist- Re4clay
      Editor- Indian Ceramic Quarterly


      • Dear Rekha,

        This sounds too good to be true. I will write in more detail to re4clay, and look forward to being in touch soon.

        Best regards,


        • Dear Ameeta,
          On checking i found that Mr. RAjesh SRivastav and Mr BAtra have been helping you set up your studio in many ways. I received your email but you did not mention your phone number. I have shared my mobile number in my emailed response and am waiting for your call as i cannot respond to your queries without some more background details. We, at DElhi BLue and at Re4clay, get a large number of queries daily through our website and we help whoever we can to the best of our ability. I have seen a couple of very nice emails from you thanking us at DElhi BLue for our help.
          Please calle ASAP.


  2. i am jamia student want your cooperation in order to complete my dissertation on “CERAMIC POTTERY” . I beg you to help me in this regard by providing sufficient information. WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE. AS HURRY AS POSSIBLE . THANK YOU.


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