Philips – Delhi Metro – Cricket & The IAS Topper

Philips Product Rating

Philips HairdryerI recently bought a Philips hairdryer – for gifting it to my wife on our 21st marriage anniversary. What had caught my attention then, was their tagline – “Quick Results, Maximum Care”. Even before I could see the ‘results’ or the ‘care’, there came a mail from Philips with subject ‘Do you like your Philips product?’

The mail then read: Love it or hate it, we want you to rate it! They also asked me to write a review – “We would like to invite you to share your experience with us and with other shoppers. Please give us your honest opinion, it only takes a minute. We look forward to hearing from you!”

What do you say? Good Marketing…!!! Or spamming? I will judge later.


Delhi Metro. Photo By Neeraj BhushanI commute by Delhi Metro, most of the time. Can you say the same? I enjoy my metro rides – it’s fast, comfortable, world-class, reliable, safe and well equipped with most modern communication and train control system. I wish every other person in my country could proudly say the same and feel some similar state-of-the-art air-conditioned coaches with a faultless ticketing system while commuting. The public transport system in India is still very pathetic, you know… and I sincerely wish every one in my country could take the metro to get around at their respective places.

With India’s explosive urban growth, construction of urban transport is, though surely, ballooning. Most importantly, the transport that is evolving is fast and efficient, conserves energy and reduces carbon emission. But at the same time, I am disappointed at the total neglect of our rest of the urban and the rural population by consecutive governments. Our people there, too, need better infrastructure for sure.


India is cricket crazy nation. This reminds me of the importance of May 9.

On this day in 1977, Kerry Packer prompted news headlines with his plans for World Series Cricket breaks, and the revolution included floodlit cricket and coloured kits.

Imagine… today’s cricket – One Day and T20 – without Packer! What existence cricket would have then?

Thank you, Kerry Packer.


Shena Aggarwal "Bank of India" IAS TopperThe moment one tops an exam or achieves a feat, everyone associated with him/her starts playing the ball, congratulating and patting (their own back). Amused I am … to see a print advertisement in Wednesday’s newspapers of Bank of India that published ‘heartiest congratulations’ to Shena Aggarwal, Topper of 2012 IAS Examination, conducted by Union Public Service Commission. And do you know what made them congratulate the young girl – It’s because she has her bank account with them… as their advertisement described her as “An esteemed customer of our Khan Market Branch, New Delhi.”

Good race. But I have a complaint: I am not allowed to enter one of the branches of Bank of India, where I am a customer. It’s because my entry to a building in New Delhi is illegally prohibited and my account happens to be in the bank’s office housed in that building premises only. Sadly, the bank has not done anything for my easy, free access to operate my account, for which I am fully validly entitled to, being its customer and a law-abiding citizen. May be I am not so valued or similarly esteemed a customer 🙂


  1. Dear Neeraj,

    This is with regards to PVR bluO, we are looking to get some Teasers done through your blog. Please send me your email id. so, that we can get in touch with you and share the note personally.

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  2. Oh this is so good. I really like this new concept.
    Please do this more often….
    It’s fun …interactive… informative and humorous too….
    Very well done…….

    Looking forward to more such posts on greater voice…


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