First we couldn’t prevent a rape. Then we couldn’t prevent a death. Delhi Gang Rape Witness – “Nobody Helped Us”

What's brewing at Jantar Mantar...Not just people staged protests in the Indian capital Delhi demanding tough laws against rape. Photo by Neeraj Bhushan.
What’s brewing at Jantar Mantar…Not just tea…as people staged protests in the Indian capital Delhi demanding tough laws against rape. Photo by Neeraj Bhushan.

She’s unnamed. Her male friend who was on that bus to death on Dec.16 night is unnamed too. But she is gone. He is there. He’s there to tell her stories, he’s there as the sole witness to the game that’s not even played in the jungles. And on Friday, Jan.4, he faced the nation.

The fear was vivid in his eyes as the two sickened balls rolled left-right-up-down, resisting tears. Facing the camera with a broken leg and half-moving hands, he told India’s Zee News television: “Kash main ussey bacha pata” (Wish I could save her).

The girl and the boy were returning from a plush South Delhi shopping mall where they had seen the movie ‘Life of Pi’. They had watched how a little boy gallantly fights the nature – and ultimately survives a ship-wreck and a tiger. But a little after watching the film, hardly did the two know they would be fighting men in a moving bus – men who were on a joy ride, men who made them their crime scene.

The boy narrated on the television as to how he and she wrestled with half-a-dozen men as they beat the two and gang-raped the girl who later succumbed to her injuries after struggle-dying every moment.

The terror, the boy said, continued for more than two and half hours in the bus that crisscrossed the heavily sensitised national capital. They shouted, screamed, asked for help. But there was no God for them to help them, to save them.

The bus kept moving with black glasses that were curtained and their cries remained caged inside. Even when they were thrown out of the bus naked – apparently when the attackers would have believed them to be dead – it was another two and half hours, almost, that were lost in taking them to a trauma centre.

How could the passers-by ignore two bleeding people on a road-side, how could police simply watch them standing near a bush on a cold night discussing who should help them first, how could an injured boy all alone-himself carry the girl with her intestines out to a police van that never resembled an ambulance! Such shocking tales were blood cuddling, as the boy shared the story of the shamed night.

“Cars, autos, bikes slowed down, looked at us and left,” he said. After about 20-25 minutes, three police vans arrived but they remained naked for another three hours, even after reaching the hospital.

The girl died on Dec.29, 2012 from the injuries that could have been attended to! But first we could not prevent a rape, and then we couldn’t prevent a death!

The Brave Boy Facing The Nation On Zee News. Webcapture Neeraj Bhushan
The Brave Boy Facing The Nation On Zee News.

In the bus, that night, the boy had fallen unconscious after being hit by a rod on his head… and she was pushed to the back and beastly assaulted. “The attack was so brutal I can’t even tell you … even animals don’t behave like that,” the boy said.

He also said: “When I could finally make a call to reach out to a relative – from someone’s mobile – I said there has been an accident.”

This is how we treat a rape. Time to think, to assess, to re-asses, to talk to ourselves – what use we are to the society!


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