Rape Remark: Indonesia’s Would Be Supreme Court Judge Missteps Into Grave

Reaction To Indonesian Judge's Rape Remark In JezebelHe would have been a judge in his country’s Supreme Court but for his rape comment which he thought would amuse his employers!

Asked if the death penalty is appropriate in rape cases, he said it’s tricky because in a rape case, both the rapist and the victim enjoy it.

Meet this ass from Indonesia – Mohammad Daming Sunusi.

On Jan.14, 2013, this 60-year-old High Court judge was being interviewed by a parliamentary panel tasked to approve his candidacy to his predominantly Muslim country’s apex court.

What if … had he climbed the ladder up in the judiciary? Bloody hell.

Now that you know his name — Yes, I repeat “Mohammad Daming Sunusi” —  it’s time you name him. Name and shame this boneheaded crass.

And if you are an Indonesian, please ask with a greater voice – “Who made him a legal scholar?” Indonesian people in particular have every right to be outraged over the such comments.

Rape is not a joke. His comment has revealed much about the justice delivery system. Greater Voice is not going to take his tearful apology that he tendered a day later: “I was out of control. I was pressured with so many questions. I hate what I said — I didn’t know why [I said that]. There’s no need to defend myself. I am guilty.”

Yes, guilty you are Mr. Sanusi. You are also a jurist joker. You have been a judge for the past 24 years. This is what have you done!

Rape is a heinous crime and your comment makes you a perpetrator. “I have three adolescent daughters and one of them told me that she is very embarrassed and that she felt as if she did not know me at all. [I have] said something that no man should ever say, especially a Supreme Court candidate,” Sunusi also said.

Earlier, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo had blamed a 2011 gang rape on the victim’s choice of clothing.

Indonesia’s Antara News Agency reported that the judge in question has received public criticism for “jokingly” saying that rapist should not get death penalty as the rapist and his victim equally enjoy themselves during the incident.


  1. Rape is not a joke, INDEED. You said it in one, there.

    I agree with you the interviewing panel should not have laughed. God, a lot of education needs to go down there.


      • That is the sad part. Government agencies throughout the World have failed in this regard and can’t be trusted to take immediate and necessary steps in such cases.


        • In fact, when the joker-judge in question made the comment, the interviewing panel laughed. They shouldn’t have. I thought like highlighting this aspect as well. But then the issue would have been diluted.

          Then, rape is also mostly unreported in Indonesia, like in India.


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