Submitting podcasts to iTunes Store

I have been doing occasional podcasts for the Hindi news portal Bharat Bolega, run and managed by Greater Voice only.

The recordings have been submitted to iTunes Store, for their approval for global audience, so that Greater Voice may have a new platform to reach out to people.

Here are some podcasts done in the past, for you to hear and give your feedback.

1. Bank for women in India

2. Bibi Aisha of Afghanistan

3. Malala Yousuf Zai of Pakistan

Reopened on Aug.21, 2013 to add:

Greater Voice on iTunes Store

Apple’s iTunes Store has approved Greater Voice podcasts. Cheers! You can see them on the iTunes Store now. And if you are looking for the URL to access Greater Voice on iTunes Store, please click here. You will also be able to find Greater Voice podcasts through a search on the iTunes Store.

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