Bharat Bolega: Breaking News & Views As India Speaks

Bharat Bolega logoGreater Voice is pleased to announce its Hindi news-views portal Bharat Bolega (meaning India Speaks), conceived to flush out the corruption, waste, pollution, terrorism, vulgarity and anarchy that flourish in India.

The new platform will play a significant role in the progress of India, while simultaneously catering to the Hindi language audience spread all over the world.

It is assured that Bharat Bolega’s journalistic standard shall not encourage tall claims based on only press releases. The portal will not attach any importance to mere conjecture and speculation and would rather encourage human rights activists and fearless storytellers.

You must know what you must know and hence Bharat Bolega will make efforts to help readers-visitors get correct information at random to create healthy competitions in India.

Instead of experimenting beta testing, Bharat Bolega is available live – its url being bharatbolega dot com – with the flexibility to adopt and incorporate modifications as and when suitably advised. It already (also) has sizeable presence on what we call the social media.

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