5 things about a good website

Do you have a website? If yes, how is it performing? Is it your personal website or for your business? Is your website giving you popularity or sales?

Are you looking after your website yourself or do you have people running it? Does your website bring you qualified leads?

A good website increases conversions and sales, and you should be happy if you have one. In case, you think it needs modification or re-designing, talk to G Caffe. This creative agency handles such situations very carefully.

I want to redesign my website

Also, you are aware that great design sells. Great websites show you great tools for analytics and give you some great feedback from visitors. Great websites use methods like Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) which provides insights into fine-tuning your website.

Will you not thus try to adopt scientific approaches to optimize your website to convert more visitors into subscribers or customers, whatever may be the case.

There may be several tips like this which can make your website a money spinner or earn you more readers or admirers. I feel website development is continuous process, and as such I myself keep thinking of getting the right design to suit the time and keep upgrading my websites.

I want to redesign my website

If you think your website is helping you in fulfilling your goal, you can still think of few changes or adjustments. may be, like more creativity, improvised content, catchy graphics, better photographs or videos to target more audience.

You can also think of making a video of 30 seconds or more to showcase your product quickly or tell people about yourself. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video or your take on some important issues could very well be worth a thousand views or sales.

Then, these days, you must be hearing a lot about digital marketing. How about creating excellence through digital marketing, social media boost, search engine optimization, some online advertising, competitive keywords and email campaigns to add feathers to your flashing cap!

Hence, ask yourself 5 questions:

  1. Why should I get my website redesigned? My business is small. Hardly do I get any feedback on my website.
  2. How much would it cost if I go for re-design?
  3. My business is not online. Why should I then invest more on re-design?
  4. I am not tech savvy. How will I maintain an upgraded website?
  5. I don’t know if my website is of any help to me, why should I then go for upgration?

I want to redesign my website

And if you do not have a website, think twice as more than two billion people are using the Internet every day, and majority of them are purchasing something, or contacting a person, online.

It’s digital age. Thousands of people are going to see your website, personal or business, and you can then influence people’s decisions and enlighten them, too.

Still, if you are in no mood to have your own website, you can at least have your own email address. How about having your email id as mail@yourname.com like I have mail@neerajbhushan.com !

Be professional. Let people know you’re bright, inventive and ambitious.

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