Hello World!

Neeraj Bhushan
Neeraj Bhushan

Hey you!

An early morning tremor followed by a door opening frenzy in the neighbourhood sent me for an early morning walk this Monday, the 26th day of November 2007, in the Indian capital New Delhi… Little did I know that I would be starting a weblog thereafter. Wow! I am quite enthusiastic about it. Can I do it 24x7x365 ! Keep watching this space everyday.


  1. […] November 26, 2007: There was an early morning tremor. All of us were out in the garden outside, and soon we were so so many. An earthquake had rocked Delhi and its neighbouring areas, jolting people out of their sleep and forcing them to rush out of their homes. The earthquake, described by the Met Department to be of light intensity, occurred at 4.42 am and measured 4.3 on the Richter scale. The tremor was felt strongly in Delhi and surrounding areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. People all over were woken up from their sleep as buildings rocked for a few seconds. Shaken up by the quake, I had a long early morning walk — then-and-there came the inspiration to start this weblog. The first post was just few lines. [Read 'Hello World' here.] […]


  2. It really feels good to go through the articles in the blog.

    Great going!!!Wish you a fantastic year 2008.



  3. good to see your we blog.early morning tremor couldn’t shake the building as hard as it does.but it shook a journalist & a person of fine intelect to woke up from slumber and starts puting its thought on weblog.It will be a pleasuer to see u regularly on webpage even if we don’t meet so regularly.
    keep ion writg


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