What’s In Blogging? Ask WordPress As Greater Voice Turns 5

November 26, 2007: There was an early morning tremor. All of us were out in the garden outside, and soon we were so so many. An earthquake had rocked Delhi and its neighbouring areas, jolting people out of their sleep and forcing them to rush out of their homes. The earthquake, described by the Met Department to be of light intensity, occurred at 4.42 am and measured 4.3 on the Richter scale. The tremor was felt strongly in Delhi and surrounding areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. People all over were woken up from their sleep as buildings rocked for a few seconds. Shaken up by the quake, I had a long early morning walk — then-and-there came the inspiration to start this weblog. The first post was just few lines. [Read ‘Hello World’ here.]

Greater Voice Blog First AnniversaryNovember 27, 2008: I thanked visitors on the first anniversary, and hoped they would continue to stay in touch irrespective of wherever they’re, whoever they’re. I realised many had become regular visitors as they’d comment frequently. Many would encourage me, inspire me further. I felt happy for I was successfully connecting with my readers rapidly. A day earlier i.e. on Nov.26, a small army had struck India’s financial capital Mumbai. Terrorists were shooting into the heart of society with orders to kill and keep killing as long as possible. It was for the first time in my journalistic career that I was not covering a story. The shootings were painful, and my sitting at home was no less. But, this weblog was there, for me to write. [Read the First Anniversary by clicking here & my take on the Mumbai Massacre here.]

Second Anniversary of Blog Greater VoiceNovember 27, 2009: I had started making illustrations on my own by then. Thus I preferred thanking the readers through a colourful and celebrating image on the second anniversary. This day I noted that some of the posts here were catching good number of eyeballs. The one on Jessica Lall killer Manu Sharma was even selected for ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks‘ by blog aggregator BlogAdda. [Read the notable post Manu’s Law here.] Other posts that caught high attention in the year gone by included: 1. Let Ishrat’s case be the last fake encounter, at least; 2. Crane Bedi To Kiran Bedi; 3. Greatest Bollywood Movies; 4. The other side of Jaya Jaitley; and 5. Is Rape A Game?

Third Anniversary Greater VoiceNovember 26, 2010: On the third anniversary, I shared with my readers how I had been picking threads from the daily life and putting in efforts to build  a better society. In all seriousness, I admitted that this platform had strengthened my belief that I should make the most of life and have the courage to be able to tell people what’s going on. I wrote: “Positive duties are top on my priorities. I endeavour to bring public figures on the friendliest terms with the community. This way conflicts are avoided and the authorities are kept heedful not to fail the trust of the people. Delighted citizens spread happiness all around, work harder and contribute meaningfully. Add to this little things like occasional gifts, honours, informal visits and friendly receptions, and you see a better world.” [Read the full post on 3rd Anniversary here.]

Greater Voice 4th Anniversary - An Illustration by Rahul CNovember 26, 2011: “I don’t want Earth, Nor do I look for heaven: Happy 4th Anniversary.” Thus I wrote on completion of four years of my weblog – Greater Voice. It was a very happy moment for me. Many of my friends were too happy on this feat. Yet I was cool. I told everyone, celebration’s greatly awaited but it’ll be at its most appropriate time. I posted: “Greater Voice completes four years today. Whose voice is this! Yours or mine… can’t be said, really. May be it speaks our language. It raises our voice. Admittedly, though, our voice is yet to reach the deaf-n-dumb. But … who knows … the answer, my friend is blowing in the wind, may be.” [Read the full post here.]

WordPress Greetings on Greater Voice Fifth Anniversary
WordPress Greetings on Fifth Anniversary

November 28, 2012: Greater Voice’s inching to two lakh readership. I am excited. I am overwhelmed. This Nov.26th, Greater Voice completed 5 years. And all these years, WordPress gave me all everything that I needed to keep my journalistic acumen alive. My readers, you, you and you kept coming, clicking, sharing, commenting and that kept the fire burning. Thank you all. Thank you so so much. I owe what not to you, without knowing many of you. Thank you. May you please visit Greater Voice’s Facebook page and the Twitter handle too, for which I shall pray.

AND here’s the illustration done by Rahul, for this day, for you. Thank you Rahul. You have always attended to every call that I made.

Greater Voice Fifth Anniversary


  1. To begin with many a congratulations Neeraj on the successful completion of 5 brilliant years on Greater Voice… And I wish U many more to come. Almost 2,00,000 and counting … way to go man way to go… Brilliant 5 years.. We are all very proud of you.
    It’s been a long journey and, as far as I can see You did it all alone which is very very commendable. Now that I’ve been writing for an year I know it is tough to carry a blog on for so long and I must say you have done a great job.
    There are so many readers who gather so much from you.
    You are such an inspiration for so many… keep it on and coming…
    All the very best … always.
    God Bless You.


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