Family Wars – a case of Chadha brothers & Thackeray brothers

Guns save lives. But they also kill. If a bullet is made for you – with your name written on it – you’re gone. No matter – even if – you keep guns-n-goons for your defence.

Delhi is India’s capital but it is also the crime capital of the country. There is very powerful Delhi Police but those with guns wield immense influence on the men in uniform.

There is a rising number of rich-and-powerful in Delhi and I believe most of them keep guns. They also fire at will – at night and in the Sun.

Guns come out at a bar brawl, at the slightest provocation or when one expands real estate acquisitions. The power temper and gun culture in Delhi and its neighbourhood have ultimately led to fattening of purses of the mighty land-and-building mafia.

Obituary of Gurdeep (Ponty) Singh Chaddha and brother Hardeep Singh Chaddha
United In Death ! Joint Obituary of Chadha brothers

The latest to fall prey to the fast-moving, quick-piercing and life-taking metallic-bullets are the Chadha brothers of Delhi – Gurdeep Singh Chadha alias Ponty Chadha and Hardeep Singh Chadha – real brothers.

I have seen many sprawling farmhouses in Delhi and its neighbourhood. I also have had the luxury of direct-from-the-tree fresh juices, just-bloomed flowers-and-plants and lavish-unseen-unheard lifestyles in the such homes, if u call them one. And each time I would wonder – how could people amass such huge wealth.

It was each other’s wealth only that became each other’s eyesore for the Chadha brothers. Both wanted possession of a farm house for which they believed whosoever would occupy it first and could defend it fast would own it.

There was a sprinting rush between them this November 17 and before they could enter into the such mouthwatering fortress, both tried to manoeuvre-stop each other from entering the gate – they stood against each other – face-to-face – then they could not see eye-to-eye – and – then they pulled the triggers.

Within moments they were dead – both died – a brother shooting at a brother – a brother killing a brother.

This incident has shaken the capital city so much that the sound of the shots will echo for long in the Indian capital Delhi.

Though they shared a huge wealth between them and had interests in liquor, paper mills, sugar refinery, shopping malls and cinema yet they wanted more-and-more with guns in their hands.

No wonder they died with guns in their hands.

The shooting happened on a day when a very powerful political-and-religious head in India’s other capital – the commercial capital Mumbai – died of old age (86).

The Thackerays - Udhav, Balasaheb & Raj. Illustration by Neeraj Bhushan
Udhav, Balasaheb & Raj.

A man hailed as ‘tiger’ – Balasaheb Thackeray – died leaving behind two warring brothers – Udhav Thackeray and Raj Thackeray – who are consistently trying to outdo each other, to call the shots in India’s western region of Maharashtra.

I pray that the Thackeray brothers remain sane so much so as to avoid the fate of Delhi’s Chadha brothers.


  1. As always, more questions than answers, none more disturbing than the arrest of two girls for posting their views on FB. So much for calling ourselves a civil, democratic society. Will the authorities of the city / state where this happened take ownership and act, and report back to the common man, who, it now seems like a mythical story, was supposed to be the guy in charge.


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