1st Anniversary of Blogging

Happy Blogging Anniversary
Happy Blogging Anniversary

When I decided to start my blog on 26 November, 2007, I assumed that few people would read it and even fewer would care. But on the first anniversary of Greater Voice, the cumulative statistics gathered by the web counter tells me that visitors to my blog have come from all states of India and many other countries of the world. 

I’m extremely honoured to be up for this achievement, and would really appreciate it if they continue to stay in touch with me, irrespective of wherever they are, whoever they are. I expect them to encourage or criticise me, freely and fairly.

I value all of the visitors and want to say thanks to all of them for supporting my blog throughout.

And hey, I’m excited about the new services I have coming soon which include new website, knowing fully well that the success of my weblog Greater Voice as a media platform shall be driven by its ability to rapidly connect with you and your ideas.

Thanking all with an equal amount of excitement and trepidation… 🙂

♣ ♣ ♣

Copyright © 2008  Neeraj Bhushan.  All Rights Reserved. 

Please feel free to post your comments. Alternatively, you may also send emails at neerajbhushansingh@gmail.com and share your concerns or ideas with me. I always take the opportunity to read all and reply to everything. Did you like this blog? You may send me your comments / suggestions.


  1. Many A congrats……How many years one may complete the FIRST is always special……..To many more roaring years ahead….Cheers…!!!


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