Crane Bedi

kiranbediSupercop Kiran Bedi of Delhi Police, the first woman to become an officer of the elite Indian Police Service, has finally surrendered to the system, complaining that seniors had no time to listen to her.

After dominating headlines for over six months in the recent past during which Bedi unsuccessfully competed for the top police job in the Indian capital city, the Magsaysay award winner finally opted for voluntary retirement, almost two years ahead of her superannuation.

She quit because she was superseded for the post of Delhi Police Commissioner.

A 1972-batch Indian Police Service officer, Bedi was keen to take charge of the Delhi Police she has served in various capacities. But the government nominated a two-years junior officer to the post. Bedi, a Delhi University law graduate, is also a former all-India and all-Asia tennis champion. She became a household name as “Crane Bedi” during her stint with the Delhi Traffic Police when she used cranes to remove illegally parked vehicles from roads.

Will Bedi join politics now? Will she keep sulking then? Or will she do parallel policing? Whatever may be the case, I, on my part, pay an emotional farewell to the woman who is a symbol of empowerment in a male-dominated society.

Some of the famous quotes attributed to the lady officer are:

Decision-making, in certain situations, is always controversial. The only way one can avoid this is to take NO decisions  and leave the problem as it is.  Seniors who do not solve a problem become a part of the problem themselves.

As long as women continue to be in a position of  receiving rather than giving, they shall continue to bear injustice.

My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable – one just has to try harder and harder.


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