Do It Taslima Nasreen


taslima-b_w.jpgControversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has bowed to the orchestrated pressure from the fundamentalists in the Indian sub-continent.

She has agreed to delete some ‘objectionable’ phrase/pages from one of her books. This is serious.

The Big Question: Should the Indian soil be allowed to launch raucous and insolent behaviour against freedom of speech and expression!!!

How can we forget the aggression Taslima faced at a function down in the southern India few months back?

Frankly speaking, nothing could have matched the fundamentalists’ evil design better than the Lajja-fame writer accepting the offer from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to live safely in the western Indian state.

Any obnoxious attack on freedom of speech must be equally retaliated with solid fist. Do it Taslima.


  1. There never was any reason for Muslims to get hurt by Taslima’s writings. If they are hurt, then that is just very bad. Muslims should grow up and live with the realities. At least Indian Muslims should treat the Bangladeshi writer with respect. Ours is a country where a cow is worshipped. Then why give such treatment to Taslima, a woman. Nobody has a right to intimidate her in our free democracy.

    I am happy that this great writer has been able to face the dangers very boldly. I salute her guts and courage and feel that her detractors should feel shame, shame and shame.


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