Indian Judiciary

JudiciaryMajor Indian newspaper The Times of India has of late been carrying news stories related to low pay-packets given to Indian judges.

Will someone ask the English daily if it is at all concerned about the people who are engaged in many other meaningful professions! And there are millions of them.

Let’s start with those employed in the very newspaper itself. Will this newspaper publish details of the salaries given to its journalists who are greatly discriminated with?

As for the Indian judiciary, it is a mirror of our society. Our Parliament, media, bureaucrats, politicians and police are only teaching the judiciary how it should behave.

By the way, what extraordinary thing has our judiciary done to merit even higher pay package!!!

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  1. no need to justify the wages of judiciary. times of india is not paying very well to their employees, why they are not writing a series of article on that.


  2. One should compare apple with apple and not with an orange. Salaries and perks of judges in India are released on the basis of a well-defined structure and is comparable with the remuneration provided to the corresponding rank officials in other government departments.

    One cannot compare salaries in public sector to what people earn in private sector. Moreover, nobody forces anyone to become judge. They are there for a different purpose; to deliver justice and help reduce evil from the society. More money is absolutely not a solution.
    People who want more money should go for other high paying jobs.


  3. If TOI is not paying enough doesn’t justify Judges are paid well.
    I feel most of the government employees are paid less at the same time good amount of them are over paid( as they don’t work).

    I give full marks to TOI for the news, at the same time ur question is valid and they should publish that as well.


  4. The series of articles published by TOI regarding Indian Judiciary is well researched and well studied. I appreciate that at last if not electronic media but print media has been chasing with ill indian judiciary. It is said that justice delayed is justice denied and at least TOI is focussing in correct direction for a big and greater goal of this society and country. If indian judiciary is made to function in correct shape and efficiently, our country will rise and progress much faster. At present no body in this country is afraid of indian judiciary and state is like that if you have money and power, you can do anything in this country and will not be punished. Case will remain pending in court and will solved in 20-30 years and convict will die in the mean time. People are fed up with indian judiciary.
    Regarding salary issue, its a capitalist world and no body wants to give a reasonable money to its workers in this country. Its a total exploitation everywhere . Also its a demand supply theory which is applicable with salary.


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