Locked Up In Delhi

Clare Matthews and GaneshaGanesh is the remover of obstacles – but when Clare Matthews fills a statue of the Indian god with a kilo of hash, her problems just begin.

She  was arrested for shipping drugs in the mail; spent 5 years in one of India’s largest prisons before she went to trial.

Clare is desperClare Matthewsate to find a way out of the Indian jail — and her situation goes from bad to worse.

Click Here to watch her story on National Geographic. [Clare Mathews subsidizes her crazy party lifestyle by stuffing statues with hashish – until she ends up in one of the world’s largest jails.]

BELOW – Watch the story of Clare Matthews, a British woman on extended vacation in Goa, ending up in an Indian prison after attempting to mail hashish from Delhi. Low on cash, did Clare Matthews decide to try drug smuggling to continue living in India’s party scene?


For those trying to understand the documentary and its analysis – It is a mixed documentary as it contains Interviews; Narration observation and reconstruction. However the documentary is creative and the reconstruction highlights the severity of the situation and is used to have an effect on the audience. … Clare Matthews is the only person being interviewed during the entire documentary. At the start there are extreme close ups of her face highlighting that she is an important figure and must be heard. Read More Here.


This episode ‘National Geographic – Locked Up Abroad – Delhi’ begins in 1999, when Clare Matthews, a heartbroken Londoner travels to Goa, India. She finds she enjoys being in the country so much that when she runs out of money, she overcomes her initial fear and indulges in a scheme to make fast cash by hiding two pounds of hashish in a statue and mailing it to Europe. In time, her lifestyle of partying gets out of control and she keeps needing more and more money. So she ships another parcel with hashish to Europe, and then another but the third one is not delivered. The courier company says they have lost the address and they ask her to go to the post office to pick up a fax. Read More Here.


  1. many big criminals in india easily get bail for committing harsher crimes than what this lady from UK did……
    i think clare mathews should have hired a good lawyer instead of this stupid lawyer who made lots of money from her and made her go through all this….
    anyway, the judicial system abroad is harsher for our indians in abroad……so there’s nothing wrong in doing the same to them in india…


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