Kashmir Singh, seen fallen in the picture, protesting high-handedness of PTI management.
Kashmir Singh, seen fallen in the picture, protesting high-handedness of PTI management.

He is an old man. He is an ex-serviceman. He is due to retire next month – 31 January to be precise – from India’s news agency Press Trust of India (PTI).

He works as a receptionist with PTI in their Head Office situated at 4, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

Oh! The New Year will not bring any joy to him. He will retire in the very first month of 2010. And, he will retire in pain. Tragic.

Today, he’s being denied justice for which he has waited, patiently, for five long years. During this period, he’s faced humiliation, insult, jibes, torture, threats, assault, hospitalization and daily dose of abuses.


…They say everything about him.

– The Pair Of Rolling Marbles In The Now Tiring Sockets Is Asking Questions –

When will I get my dues?

Will I ever get justice?

Will they let me retire peacefully?

Will dignity be ever restored to me?


Kashmir Singh, during his entire service, always earned increments by virtue of regularity, punctuality, satisfactory work habits, performance and good conduct. But, when he refused to join PTI management’s puppet union in the company in 2004, he was transferred from the proper reception desk on the first floor of the PTI Building to the ground floor, at a non-existent reception.

Proper reception on 1st floor of PTI Building.

Even then, being an ex-serviceman, he never refused to obey any order but still his salaries for four months along with other allowances and perks were withheld by his management, and that too without any valid reason.

Shockingly, the necessary facilities of the reception desk were also never provided to him, on the ground floor.

Those residing in Delhi may visit the PTI Building at 4, Parliament Street, New Delhi and talk to the 60-year-old man who had challenged the illegalities of PTI in court, which on 17.9.2009 passed orders in his favour.

The so-called reception desk for Kashmir Singh.

The court directed PTI, among others, to pay Kashmir Singh his withheld wages and allowances with 6 per cent interest from the date the entire amount became due.

The Industrial Tribunal No.1, Delhi, presided over by Sh. Lal Singh, Additional District & Sessions Judge, also held that Kashmir Singh was indeed entitled to work as receptionist at first floor reception only unless or until, the similar reception counter with all the facilities available at the first floor is constructed at the ground floor.

But till date, even after the order of the court having become enforceable as per law, Kashmir Singh is waiting to get the benefits of the court order.

He works in an office which has India’s Parliament and Labor Ministry as its neighbors. Will any one from the neighborhood wipe Kashmir Singh’s tears?

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