Dismantling Media Mafia – Part 2

Why Are You Racist Razdan!

By now, you should be knowing Kashmir Singh. On 30.01.2010, this ex-army man retired as a receptionist from the services of news agency Press Trust of India – PTI.

I first wrote about him here on Dec.24 (Hoping Against Hope), telling you the injustices meted to this old man. Again, on Jan.29, I devoted the first part of my series on Dismantling Media Mafia to this gentleman.

Today, I will share something more; and of course, I’ll talk about Kashmir Singh only.

First, lemme tell you as to why the cause of Kashmir Singh has been so close to me!

Click the image to enlarge.In fact, this PTI NOTICE (seen in the left) justifies my crusade. Actually, on January 30, 2010, four members of PTI staff retired from its Delhi office, situated at 4 Parliament Street. Kashmir Singh was one of them. But, a cold-blooded nasty management ensured that Kashmir is hurt to the hilt. Kashmir was crying while showing me this NOTICE, copies of which were pasted throughout PTI office. You can see in this NOTICE that while PTI announced a farewell party for the other three employees, it deliberately humiliated Kashmir by blatantly insulting him and not organizing his farewell. Will it not be a good idea to send letters to PTI CEO M.K.Razdan asking him if he is racist? What an insult he arranged for Kashmir! Shame on the Senior Manager Hirok Chowdhury also for signing such inhuman NOTICE. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! (Click on the NOTICE to enlarge it.)

Now, it’s my duty to discuss the Greater Voice Impact on Kashmir Singh’s cause. My sincere thanks to all who read, discussed and reacted to the posts on Kashmir Singh.

Click image to enlarge.On the right, you can see the cheque dated 2.2.2010 of Rs.54113 paid by PTI to Kashmir after his ordeal was highlighted here on Greater Voice.

The amount includes 6% interest and the withheld goodwill payment of Rs.5000, belatedly being paid to Kashmir ‘in compliance of the Award passed’ in the case he filed and won against PTI.

Well Done, Kashmir. Keep on pressing for prosecution of all those guilty. You have a good case. Remember, together we can dismantle the media mafia. It’s just the beginning.


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