Mahatma Gandhi: A Tribute

Sabarmati Railway Station.

Main Platform at the Sabarmati Railway Station.

The Ashram at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

A message on truth greets a visitor in the Ashram.

A social message on an Ashram wall.

The biggest message India's Father of Nation could give to people.

Mahatma Gandhiji's room - Here did the visitors from India and abroad call on him. Here were the plans for historical movements deliberated & given shape to.

This author-photographer at 'Hridaya Kunj' - Mahatma Gandhi's house.

A view of Mahatma Gandhi's house - Hridaya Kunj at Sabarmati.

And can you escape them at the Gandhi Ashram!

All photographs by Neeraj Bhushan.


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