Strong Belief – Maano To Ganga Maa Hoon, Na Maano To Behta Paani


My mind is always preoccupied. Heart is even more busy. There’s so much traffic throughout.


Colours And the Dreams © Neeraj Bhushan for Greater Voice [ ]Readiing newspapers is okay to some extent. Watching TV is a big no no. Books, Radio, DVD, Theatres are fine, but.


Friends are music and it’s only the sleep that is sound. In deep slumber, there comes a stream of visitors and sessions are usually lengthy. Sit we must for longer periods, the core says.


When did they ‘conspire’ and unite! Ashoka, Napolean, Nanak, Akbar, Voltaire, Aristotle, Picasso – all sitting for a chat, last dream. No no, we weren’t at Madam Tussauds.


We were discussing seriously, quite interestingly, with yours truly and the Mahatma (Gandhi) in the chair.


I woke up with a smile, as always. What more do I look for 🙂 Happy day to you all.


Let love dwell and rule over the paid jobs that degrade minds everyday. Amen!


  1. I like your wonderful words and your super contribution to the web world. I hope you write many. I will continue reading.


  2. neeraj u have buckled before your tormentors after resisting for such long time . Either u have lost patience or sold out ! what is the truth ?


    • ‘in raston pe chalte chalte humdard koi ruk jaayega’ – i think this should answer your query. and to put the message straight, please always remember – neeraj is one leadership that can never be sold. thanks for stopping by. it requires courage to stop by here, and more courage to comment, and even more courage to identify yourself with your real name and email id. thanks again. pls keep visiting.


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