Modern Revolutionaries

Steve Jobs

Why are the world’s two most muscular democracies — India & America — scared these days?

What is that … what is that which’s suddenly tossing both these sun-powerful nations on frying pans?

While India is facing Radia(tion), the US is getting 24×7 blows from the (Wiki)Leaks. Such is the power of (Tele)communication.

While the Nira Radia tapes are dialling the 2G scam in India, WikiLeaks’ chief Assange is heating the Americans with powder kegs to blast the Obama Administration. This makes me put Assange in the category of modern revolutionaries like Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Suu Kyi who have contributed immensely to the ways we think today.

Below is my list of the modern revolutionaries. If you have names to add, I’m open to suggestions. I promise to update this post accordingly.

nb: you may click the names above to read about them.

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