BHUTTO: A Compellingly Emotive Documentary

beautiful benazir: a leader who died before her supporters


कल भी BB जिन्दा थी — आज भी BB जिन्दा है

Benazir. Grab by Neeraj Bhushan.Three years ago, Benazir Bhutto — Muslim world’s first female leader — took her last journey from Dubai to Pakistan. It proved to be her final journey as she had then returned to a more disturbed Pakistan after a decade-long self-exile to London and Arab countries. This ‘Daughter of the East’ was assassinated cheaply like any other leader in South Asia, which has a history of bloody deaths. Getty Images photographer John Moore who took the last picture of the former Pakistani premier moments before her assassination says he was “surprised” to see Benazir rising through the sun-roof of her vehicle to wave to supporters after delivering her speech. “I ran up, got as close as I got, made a few pictures of her waving to the crowd and then suddenly, there were a few gunshots that rang out, and she went down, she went down through the sun-roof,” he said. “And just at that moment I raised my camera up and the blast happened. … And then, of course, there was chaos.”

here’s the trailer


This film about Benazir’s life & family legacy is compellingly emotive: Guardian

View the Review of the documentary by clicking the image. Grab by Neeraj Bhushan.Ten most important things about Benazir Bhutto: (1) She had her education at Harvard and Oxford; (2) Her father led Pakistan before being executed in 1979; (3) She spent five years in prison in solitary confinement; (4) She was Pakistan’s Prime Minister from 1988-1990 and 1993-1996; (5) She was sacked twice by president on corruption charges; (6) She formed alliance with her rival and former premier Nawaz Sharif in 2006; (7) She ended self-imposed exile by returning to Pakistan in October 2007; (8) She inspired South Asian women; (9) She was a woman who would command presence; & (10) In Pakistan especially, you will have no shortage of people who hate her and of people who love her.


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