Onion Republic !!!

Where’s the colour?

The Times of India — The Great Onion Robbery

Mint — A note from a megalomaniacal onion

Mail Today — Kitchen austerity brings onions down to earth

The Indian Express — To flood onion market, Govt slashes import duty

The Hindustan Times — Most vegetables go the onion way, prices zoom

The Economic Times — Bulk onion prices crash, retail still high

Business Standard — Duty axed, onion prices ease

The Hindu Business Line — Onion exports banned to curb price spiral

The Statesman — Centre scraps import duty on onion

The Press Trust of India — Onions at Rs.39-41/kg

United News of India — Onion prices will move south

Reuters — State run companies to import onion

AFP — India suspends exports of onions as prices surge

The Telegraph — Onion alert fell on thick skin

The Wall Street Journal — Onion price surge roils India

Deccan Herald — India imports onion from Pakistan

Financial Times — Onion crisis adds to Indian PM’s woes

Commodity Online — India cuts onion import duty to tame rocketing prices

DNA — Pakistan onion relief to North, but Mumbai still pays Rs.80 a kg

दैनिक जागरण — प्याज की कीमतों पर हरकत में आई सरकार

हिंदुस्तान — प्याज के दाम बढ़ने से किस करना हुआ आसान

नवभारत टाइम्स — सरकार बेचेगी प्याज

इकनामिक टाइम्स — प्याज की कीमतों में भारी बढ़ोतरी

बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड — उतरने लगे प्याज के छिलके 

दैनिक भास्कर — प्याज के लिए मांगेंगे लोन

मौर्या टीवी — प्याज की बढ़ी कीमत पर राजनीति तेज

आईबीएन खबर — दिल्ली सरकार बेचेगी 40 रु किलो प्याज

जागरण जंक्शन — महामारी या कालाबाजारी

समय लाइव — दोगुनी हुई प्याज की कीमत

अमर उजाला — फिर रुलाने की तैयारी में प्याज

प्याज झुकता नहीं है




  1. Hi Neeraj,
    Travesty! Or is it the price being paid by us for our crime of having voted a party incapable of governing.
    The minimum that a poor laborer could survive on was a couple of rotis with raw onion and salt. Now that poor man has been denied even this!

    An economist for a Prime Minister! Government yelling from roof tops about GDP growth, increased poverty is the net result.

    Bravo Congress Bravo Prime Minister. Both need to resign without any further delay.

    Aam Adami has been murdered by the self proclaimed champion and protector.


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