WikiLeaks’ Roundtable: Live People Conferences

Julian Assange. Image capture by Neeraj Bhushan.

WikiLeaks is coming closer to you. The revolutionary website announced it is now organising regular direct meetings with the public and the press. During such conferences, it will be taking questions via twitter and email.

“The WikiLeaks Roundtable is a new forum for WikiLeaks to talk to everyone around the world,” it says, adding: “In the past we have often spoken to the public through the press, but we are dedicated to bringing important news directly into the public domain, with the full record available to all and not filtered by intermediaries.”

“Therefore we will be holding regular conferences where we answer your questions directly. We will be creating videos of Julian Assange and other staff talking directly to you and answering your questions through questions and live chats. We will have a platform for your viral videos and be running competitions for you to submit your work to.”

I believe the People Conferences will take place regularly, and hence I encourage you to  submit your questions by either tweeting a message ending with “#wlquest” or emailing your question to

And to discuss the conference as it takes place, you may tweet with the prefix #wldiscuss

All the questions can be seen via and all the discussion via

And do you know that WikiLeaks is looking for the most reliable and trustworthy organisations to collaborate with on its upcoming releases? To register your interest, you may please fill out this WikiLeaks form.


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Watch Julian Assange’s Press Public Conference:


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