Barkha Dutt: The Buck Stops Here

Barkha Datt & Swami Agnivesh on The Buck Stops Here. Photo: Neeraj Bhushan.

Days after India’s famous television anchor Padma Shri Barkha Dutt was shouted at a la ‘Simon Go Back’ in the heart of India’s capital at India Gate, she has landed herself in a fresh controversy while initiating a debate over corruption on her news channel.

In the show titled ‘The Buck Stops Here’ on NDTV, Barkha was asking eminent persons involved in the activist Anna Hazare-led crusade against corruption if they would resign from their offices amid allegations, accusations or suspicions against them.

The show was aired on April 20 as fresh controversies appeared in the Indian media over land allotments in Uttar Pradesh hitting lawyers Shanti Bhushan and his son Prashant who are members of a high-level panel drafting the much-demanded bill against corruption.

It was Swami Agnivesh who stunned Barkha by putting it to her if she thinks a famous anchor of a TV channel, accused of corruption, should be initiating a discussion on corruption at all. Agnivesh actually told Barkha that the shoe is in the other foot.

Watch the video here with patience as the climax happens in the 40th minute.

NDTV that continues to hold Barkha good, inspite of the star journalist being accused of political leanings in the multi-crore 2G scam, thankfully continued with the show despite this embarrassment. But, Barkha…. The Buck Must Stop Here. Please resign… clear yourself and who knows we may work together. I have faith in your talent (but) not in your spirit of defending the indefensible. Can we sit over coffee!


  1. Dear Barkha,

    You and Mr. Agnivesh (I dont want to call him swami as he not fit to be called so) were laughing out to glory when Mr. Agnivesh said Anna Hazare is now suffering from a special disease of “antar atma not telling him to stop fasting” on the show the other day.

    It is rather a very sorry state of affairs when people like this gentleman, a back stabber are given the status of swami. You on your show also supported him…..thank God this man has been exposed.

    The whole world has come to know how you both ridiculed “Anna”. “Time” is on Anna’s side and people who are fence sitters or masked are exposed.

    You are the greatest hideous character in the process and a great opportunist.

    You have no credibility.

    Birds of the same feather flock together – you and Mr. Agnivesh………………God knows whats your future…


  2. NDTV has no credibility as it’s only motto is to be the apron holder of certain politicians. No one from NDTV seems to know the duty of a journalist especially Barkha Dutt who spits fire as if she is the messiah of this country.


  3. बरखा के लिए ये शब्द शायद ज्यादा उपयुक्त होंगे – मुझे शर्म नहीं आती.
    करप्शन के आरोप में घिरी बरखा, करप्शन पर खबरें पढ़ रही है……. इंडिया गेट पर हुई हूटिंग के बाद भी शर्म नहीं. बरखा उसे आवारा लोगों का हुड़दंग कहती है ( ट्विटर पर ).

    प्रणव रॉय आँखें मूंदकर बैठे हैं. शायद उस दिन का इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं जब बरखा के विरोध में लोग एनडीटीवी के दफ्तर में घुसने पर आमादा हो जाए. थेथरई और बेशर्मी की इन्तिहाँ है.

    ” बरखा तुम्हारी काबिलियत पर नहीं तुम्हरी नियत पर शक है. ” बरखा कितनी भी स्टोरी कर लें , वापस पुराना सम्मान नहीं पा सकती. अब तक बरखा ने जो लिबास ओढ़ रखा था वह तार – तार हो गया. शेम ऑन बरखा. शेम ऑन प्रणव रॉय . शेम ऑन एनडीटीवी . बॉयकाट बरखा लाइव….


  4. We are now in a country where even the posts of the “President and Governor” have become tainted; not to speak of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, CVC, CBI
    chief, PM. I need not further list since all others fall below them, from whom we can not expect any better.

    All these forces who are active to malign the Anna group are all bye-products of this corrupt system. Sonia had started her business right from the Cambridge where she was picked up by KGB after her tags with the dynasty boy.

    I salute Mr Swamy who has taken up the cudgels against this 365=1 dynasty who is plundering this nation of 121 Crores. Surely these people who represent the world’s oldest culture and civility need protection instead of exploitation.

    But we are today our own fortune tellers and makers but for these pseudo-secularists who thrive at the corrupt money out of the hard earned tax payers’ contribution in a hope to build the infrastructure for them. But they are building their foreign bank coffers.

    This money is not just a dead money but a poison for the nation because the same money power is used against these corrupt leaders to shut their mouths and to build their own alien lands to produce goods to sale us (WMD). So these nations benefit doubly with the polluted money from countries like us.

    Lately US froze Gaddafi’s $30 Billion & are pounding him in return. Though Gaddafi’s situation is different. But we are also at one time victim of this US embargo during Vajpayee regime. Thank God Vajpayee was a strong man and damned them. What Congress could not do it for so long, he did it in the very beginning and managed it very well.

    One needs to have the will power and I am sorry to observe that we are suffering from a poverty of philosophy than actually the reverse. Unfortunately we have a weak indolent honestly corrupted leadership whose interests lie beyond the borders. They hardly have any love for this land and its people. They feel proud when pampered by these “…..”.

    People (at home) are used as their vote banks to get a birth in the “House” so that they can make a cheap business through a weak leadership who uses the “Coalition Dharma” as an excuse to save their skin while posing themselves as “honest” and convincing the innocent masses and giving a tool in the hands of these pseudo-secularists to beat their drums for them.

    The media are shamelessly beating the rotten bushes in stead of rising above the “reasonableness” principle. They are no less responsible to live by the establishment to extract/cut their own piece of pie.

    No wonder Barkha has been awarded the “Padma Shree” and she must justify her “Cap” by her “loyalty” in the times of need and she is doing it very well. She couldn’t act differently any better.

    We talk of the “pillars” of democracy but we forget the actual “Mansion House” i.e. “The People”. We love to quote and invoke Abraham Lincoln’s phrase but only in theory.

    God bless.


  5. Barkha Dutt… can she be called a true journalist? One doesn’t understand why she has been given Padma Shri? Is it just for blatant and open flattery?

    Is NDTV doing objective and impartial reporting by retaining Ms Dutt in its panel?

    Nowadays any award has no meaning as tainted persons are selected for such prestigious recognition. People should stop such persons who instead of encouraging people who take up the cudgels to eradicate evils like corruption take every opportunity at the behest of their mentors to discourage such people who are out to do something good.

    Is this kind of journalism Ms Dutt practices. Such persons are blot on the profession and should be boycotted.


  6. I remember Barkha holding a symposium on Sri Satya Sai Baba sometime ago. She aired the same second time and accidentally I happened to watch it. She had asked for a feedback and I sent her an email. She never replied me back. Since that time I lost respect for her.

    Now after Radia controversy, she has exposed herself completely and I wonder if the Indian media are truly fourth pillar at all. If we look at them, the most powerful English media are the West owned, who had colonised this “Golden Goose”. They liked the booty but not the (dark) people. Macaulay had planned and we have proved him right.

    Nehru as he proclaimed himself as the first and the last English PM of India has left us with this indigenous coconut legacy which we are carrying on. Barkha is not to be blamed. She is only a bye-product of the initial system created.

    Ms Sonia is very reserved with Indians at her home but is ready to open up to an alien. Could we not debate on Swamy’s allegation of crores deposited in a bank a/c owned by Ms Gandhi and her son? I am certain that Barkha will never gather courage to debate it. If she does it, then it will be to justify her only. We talk of ‘mens rea’.

    Indian media are only a protege of the western media who could be called their godfathers/mothers.

    The problem in India is not the dearth of legal procedures but the dearth of the willingness to act against corrupt and its perpetrators. This current issue by them is to derail the process which they do not want to succeed.

    We must not forget that today’s national politics is monitored and manoeuvred by the giant international forces with their strongly biased and vested interests. So long as they see that their business interests are being (sub)served, they like a rule of that place or country. That is why they are so obsessed for their kind of “democracy” as it makes it easy for them to intrude in and suck their (hosts’) wealth by befooling intelligently. Intellectual property is the best business in international market today.

    Indians are highly gullible to them as they are the right Macaulay’s species to work with.

    Barkha is the right person to debate this “Jan Lokpal Bill”. I pray for her success. The faster she succeeds, faster this nation will collapse. This is the only foreseeable way for end of corruption. God bless them all.


  7. Dear Neeraj,

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice. I would have remained unaware of this incident since I do not watch NDTV, given it biased reportage and discredited staff.

    Well even the Ivory towers are being breached now. Cant hide & cant run, whether it be a studio, public place or a special location. Past has caught up with Barkha Dutt. Writing is on the wall read it and move on.

    Conversely you shall be hounded out by the people of this country.

    Anil Kohli


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